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April 20th 2016


What Stimulates Your Creativity?

Two things stimulate my creativity: Buti Yoga and relaxation out in the sun. Buti Yoga balances my body and quiets any mind chatter that hinders my ability to see my future path. After an amazing workout, I feel rejuvenated and full of ideas and how to implement these ideas into business strategy or product development. Relaxation in the sun helps me with critical thinking and personal development methods. When I'm giving my body the time it needs to replenish, I get flooded with information and avenues to put these ideas into practice in my business. There's one catch - I don't stop relaxing to write down the ideas. I acknowledge them and allow them to come back to me if they are meant to be expanded upon once I'm back at the office.

When Do You Feel Your Best?

I feel my best when I've helped a client achieve a personal breakthrough - whether it's weight loss or bringing a brand identity to life - helping other people realize their goals makes me feel the most successful and content.

Do You Have a Favorite Childhood Memory?

My favorite childhood memory is getting my first front tuck in gymnastics. I developed much faster than the other girls and my coaches used to treat me like "the fat kid." They'd say mean things behind my back about my leotard and my development and it totally crushed my spirit. One day I asked my coach if I could try my front tuck. Her response indicated that I was too heavy to land it without hurting myself. Needless to say, I nailed that shit and began competing it and smiled every time I'd beat her other "skinny" girls at competition.

What's the Best part of Being CEO of Buti?

Early on in the development of Buti Yoga, other companies tried to acquire us. Thankfully, I knew how critical it was to control our brand development at an early stage–without letting outsiders change our course. Now, we're 5 years into our business and INC. magazine just informed us we have been chosen as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the US. I attribute that to staying the course and caring about our brand culture, community and identity above and beyond profits or scale at an early age. I made that decision among opposition from my advisors. It's victories like this that make me really proud to be our company's CEO. It's not the most luxurious job and it's very challenging with kids BUT I am eternally grateful that I get to see my hard work pay off with women's transformations across the globe.



Beautiful Butisattvas,

Are you new to Buti? WELCOME TO THE TRIBE! We can’t wait to support + encourage you in your transformation from the inside out! If you need some guidance on where to START, we recommend our beginners Dynamic Flow DVD + Online Subscriptions—check out our Beginner's Bundle in the discount codes below.

No matter your experience level, all women interested in Buti are encouraged to attend Buti Retreat 2016: CELEBRATE!

Join us August 26-29th at the Hotel Valley Ho in the heart of downtown Scottsdale, AZ for one amazing lineup of a weekend. We SOLD-OUT quick, but worked some MAGIC and—VOILA—we have a -limited- number of tickets for sale again!

Dancing, Buti with Bizzie, Pool time, Cocktail Hour, Sisterhood, Moonlight Flow, Downtown Scottsdale + 8 Distinct Workshops. NUFF SAID.

Here's what your fellow Butisattvas had to say about our 2015 Retreat:

“The 2015 Buti retreat gave me the ability to connect and thrive with women from all over the world...I was able to let women into my heart without any fear of judgement, and with a full understanding that I was loved and supported… I can without a doubt say that this retreat brought so much love, light, and happiness into my heart. I am beyond excited for the 2016 retreat and know that it will not only allow me to expand as an individual but allow me to grow as a woman supporting other women.”—Beth Freese

"The workshops provided at the 2015 retreat gave me tools that I use in everyday life… I was able to share my life stories with women I barely knew—but immediately felt connected with. The retreat was something I will cherish forever!” —Layla Halenka

It’s almost time to #shakeyourasana again, ladies. Our signature Instagram challenge launches each month on the 1st. We loved seeing your sequences for our April challenge featuring Jon James—stay tuned for May details!


Have you been hitting your mat 5x week? Remember: 3 Days on/1 Day off is the secret sauce. Don’t be a hero: over-training actually hinders your progress! If you’re ready to take your practice deeper or lead a tribe of your own, take a peek at our upcoming certifications.



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  Thinking about purchasing a meal plan but not sure you'll actually ENJOY the food? Here is your chance to sample a little something from our Italian-Inspired Meal Plan.

Prosciutto + Pineapple Grain-Free Pizza

For crust:
1 1/2 c tapioca or arrowroot starch
1/4 c flax meal
1/2 stick pre-melted pasture butter
1/2 t salt
2 eggs
4 T Olive Oil + 1 T Garlic Minced (mixed)
1 cup fresh pineapple pieces (or defrosted from frozen)
1 pack nitrate-free prosciutto 
1 cup mac-nut cheese (recipe below)

Mix crust ingredients and make into dough. Use a bit of starch to coat pizza pan. Cook at 450 degrees for 5 min. Remove from oven, brush on olive oil/garlic mix, add toppings and cook for additional 10 min.
Eat as is OR our favorite way as a Pizza Salad by topping with 1 cup of fresh arugula and drizzle with olive oil and fresh cracked pepper


Mac Nut Cheese

5 cups Macadamia Nuts
2 T Lemon Juice
1/2 T sea salt

Place all ingredients in blender and pulse. You want a crumbly texture so be sure not to over-pulse. (don’t want it too smooth)

Spread crumbles on a cookie sheet

Bake at 450 degrees for 10 minutes (flip and shake halfway through cooking process)

Want more recipes like these? Click HERE to purchase our Italian-Inspired 30 Day Meal Plan.


This month's playlist comes courtesy of Buti Instructor Leanne Shearer. You can listen (and follow) on Spotify!

Track List:

1. Don't Let Me Down (feat Daya)—The Chainsmokers
2. Impossible—Angel Haze
3. Let Me In (feat Izza Kizza)—DJ Katch
4. SQUAD OUT!(feat Fatman Scoop, Jauz)—Skrillex
5. Money in the Bank—Swizz Beatz
6. Alarm (feat Bunji Garlin, Marq Pierre)—Bad Royale
7. Banji—Sharaya J
8. Pop It (Mix Cut)—Wiwek, Yellow Claw, Lil Debbie
9. Battle Royale (feat Panther)VIP Mix—Apashe
10. Keeping Your Head Up (Jonas Blues Remix)—Birdy
11. Style—Stefflon Don
12. Sweat (feat Toy Connor)—Party Favor
13. Let It Go—James Bay
14. Milking (Radio Mix)—Croatia Squad
15. I Don't Get Tired (#IDGT)(feat August Alsina)—Kevin Gates
16. Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)—Nina Simone
17. Burning Gold (Autograf Remix)—Christina Perri
18. Let It All Go—Birdy, Rhodes

Bizzie Gold
Bizzie Gold


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