#TribeThrive Issue 009: Sneak a Peek at our Buti Photoshoot + More



May 25,  2016




Hi Buti Tribe,

There are lots of new faces to WELCOME TO THE TRIBE this month! If you're just starting out, we've got a Buti Jumpstart Package  that's perfect for you to begin mastering our moves + FEELING/THINKING/LOOKING better than ever.

Buti HQ had a photoshoot last week! We came together, sweat it out + played with glitter—the outcome was photographic gold.  A huge thanks to the very talented Rhue for capturing our essence (and our curves) so well. We'll be rolling out tons of fresh content in the coming weeks, but this newsletter contains a few sneakpeeks...

For those of you beautiful ladies who subscribe to our online TONE videos, we just uploaded two LIVE workouts with Bizzie in Portland. If you're ready to LET GO + sweat it out these classes do the trick: one clocks in at an hour forty!

As you know these LIVE workouts are RARE, and are exclusively available for our online TONE subscribers—so if you haven't yet, join us!

We've got tons of certification + RYT opportunities coming up around the world (London, anyone?)—including HOTCORE + SCULPT: two high intensity workouts that epitomize strength + grace while toning the entire body—which are both available in a one day certification. These class styles are ideal to increase your student demographic and attract students otherwise intimidated by traditional Buti classes.

Portland Buti Instructor Nani sold out her first Hotcore + Sculpt class in less than a day...

If you LOVE Buti, or are ready to discover what Yoga + Tribal Dance + SISTERHOOD is about while deepening AND expanding your current practice—then we want to see YOU at a certification.

Don't overthink it; make bold moves and be BRAVE with your life.

There's no better time to register for ANY of our certifications—we've got a pretty crazy lineup of deals for you...but ONLY until 5/31.


All Discounts Expire between 5/31-6/1 at MIDNIGHT. We are unable to retroactively apply discounts to former purchases.

—BUTI JUMPSTART PACKAGE: A perfect bundle for those new to the Buti lifestyle—our beginners Dynamic Flow DVD, Our 7 Day Slimdown Plan AND a 7 Day Challenge Kit (a week of Golden Ratio protein powder!)
$49.99, Purchase Here

—200 HR RYT (PAY IN FULL):  Pay in FULL for any RYT and take $260 OFF (Not already Buti certified) or $200 OFF (Already Buti certified) AND receive a 7 Day Challenge Kit (a week of Golden Ratio)!
Purchase Here with Codes:
(Not Buti Certified) OR
RYT200 (
Already Buti Certified)

—200 HR RYT (Deposit Only):  Make your deposit for any RYT and receive a 7 Day Challenge Kit (a week of Golden Ratio Protein)!
Purchase Here

—BUTI CERTIFICATION:  Pay in Full for any Buti Certification and receive $75 OFF and a 7 Day Challenge Kit (a week of Golden Ratio Protein)!
Purchase Here with Code:  BUTI75

—BUTI CERTIFICATION (Deposit Only): Make a deposit for any Buti Certification and receive a 7 Day Challenge Kit (a week of Golden Ratio Protein)!
Purchase Here

—HOTCORE + SCULPT CERTIFICATION: Pay in Full for any Hotcore + Sculpt certification and receive 10% OFF and a 7 Day Challenge Kit (a week of Golden Ratio Protein)!
Purchase Here with Code:  SCULPT10

—HOT BUTI CERTIFICATION: Pay in Full for any Hot Buti Certification and receive 10% OFF and a 7 Day Challenge Kit (a week of Golden Ratio Protein)!
Purchase Here with Code: HOTBUTI10


Strawberry Arugula Salad
(w/ Sweet Honey Cilantro Dressing)

This summertime salad was pulled from our 30 Day Slimdown Meal Plan. Eliminating Grain + Dairy in 30 days will have you feeling better than you knew possible.  Click HERE to purchase; Vegan also available.

Prep Time: 5 min
Cook Time: 0 min
Servings: 4 -6


4 C Arugula

1 C Sliced strawberries

1 C Chopped cucumber

1 Avocado, sliced

1 Whole strawberry, fan cut

1 C Cilantro

1 C Olive oil

2 T Raw honey
4 Cloves garlic


1. Place all dressing ingredients in a mini food processor or Vitamix and blend until smooth.

2. Place arugula in a bowl and layer strawberries and cucumbers on top.

3. Fan the avocado slices on top of the salad.

4. Fan cut the whole strawberry and place on top for decoration.

5. Add chopped chicken (or 2 slices of nitrate free turkey bacon)

6. Drizzle entire salad with dressing.


This month's playlist comes courtesy of our Tone 164 Workout Online. You can listen (and follow) on Spotify!

Track List:

1. Gold Slugs—DJ Khaled
2. Maybe—Teyana Taylor
3. Move (Original Mix)—Wiwek & Mighty Fools
4. Hold The Line —Major Lazer feat. Mr Lex & Santigold,
5. Hangover—Buraka Som Sistema
6. Part II (On The Run)—Jay Z feat. Beyoncé
7. Pull Over—Trina
8. Beez in the Trap—Nicky Minaj feat. 2 Chainz
9. Maga-B & FIGHT CLVB
10. Watching You—Savage Skulls
11. Ridin' High—8Ball & MUG
12. Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)—Nina Simone
13. Love & Inity—Damian Jr Gong Marley
14. King of Sorrow—Sade


Bizzie Gold
Bizzie Gold


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