2019: Fine Tuning to [ EXPAND ] - Buti Yoga

Fine Tuning
Fine tune: make small adjustments to (something) in order to achieve the best or a desired performance.
Expand: the act of enlargement, broadening, or development of something.


We often grow through opposing forces. We learn to love through having our hearts broken. We learn to trust by being betrayed. We expand by honing in on the granular sparks that fuel our collective fire. It is with THIS essence that we kick of 2019 as a practice.

When you build a practice based on collective evolution, it can be challenging to cultivate the critical moments to STOP and remember the foundation: the WHY + HOW. This is the year we consciously expand by fine tuning the WHY. Nothing we do in our practice is arbitrary: every movement, alignment, transition serves an anatomical and energetic purpose. My wake up call was meeting students and teachers for the first time that had been with the practice for a good chunk of time and still had unanswered questions or thought the answer was "just because." This is not ever the case with our practice and these breaks in the passing of knowledge are where we focus our fine tuning in the year 2019. 
We are implementing a variety of changes this year to increase the depth of knowledge relayed at each training and this will be the case for each of our certifications and our 200 Hour YTT. It's always been a tough balancing act to make sure that our programming is accessible while maintaining the clear integrity of movement A+P knowledge and demonstration that is required to create a truly unique and well-rounded instructor. In an effort to go DEEPER with success instead of frustration, we are adding on time to our Buti Certifications and YTT programs. It is only fair that if we are expecting you to assimilate MORE knowledge that we give you more time to do so. Our new manuals will also be deployed for all February trainings and beyond this includes Buti, Hot Buti, 200 HR YTT, DEEP, Bands + Sculpt and HotCore.
In addition to fine tuning our course content, we are excited to announce the addition of Anton Mackey as a lead instructor for our 200 HR YTT and Jenilee Toner as lead instructor for our 300 HR YTT program launching in February 2019. Assisting in our 300 HR YTT program will also be Danni Pomplun and of course [ little old me ] Bizzie Gold. Each of these staff additions expands our access to complementary knowledge to continue expanding with an in-depth and well-assimilated foundation.
As with many things in life, while change can feel temporarily chaotic or ungrounded, these moments in time actually serve as our greatest opportunities to learn and build an even stronger foundation. These program changes have been in the works since the early Fall when we decided as a company to make some clear shifts in the direction of our programming for 2019. We want to go DEEPER + more INTERNAL. This has always been the natural evolutionary path of the practice. Of course we'll get the occasional "I liked it better when it was JUST a workout" -but we wholeheartedly accept this stepping into our WHY. Truth be told - we've never been "just a workout." We have always looked at the practice as a sneak attack - appealing to students wanting to change the look of their bodies while offering them a chance the drastically alter their lives from the inside out - in many cases forgetting about their initial intention to lose weight. This is and ALWAYS has been what this practice is about - the moment of realization that the movement, the sweat, the journey is for a bigger purpose NOT to weigh a certain amount, track calories or compare yourself to anyone else. If you are only working out for a number on a scale or a fitbit, you might be missing a massive opportunity to shift your entire outlook on life and we want to help you SEE + ACCEPT the opportunity not shy away from it.
As you can also see from recent months, we have a new community showing up to embrace the healing practice of Buti - the MEN. We knew this would happen over time and through the organically creating the space for them to find their way home. Buti is about bringing balance + restoring overall vitality on the physical, emotional, and energetic levels. This healing modality, which pairs dynamic asana with intentional shaking + vibration, is a healing catalyst for ALL bodies. We are honored to have finally created the grounded environment and energetic space to send off a beacon to the men that this is the MOVEMENT OF WE which includes ALL OF US - no gender, no groupthink identity - just humanity moving together setting their sights on a new future that shatters any old paradigm of separation. 
In a world that is created to reinforce separation, the most transformational and forward-thinking act is to step wholeheartedly into remembering that we are ALL inextricably linked and connected at the deepest levels. When we move in unison; when we shake our cells with our eyes closed - we get closer to remembering that deep place of connection that has no need to be named or joined. It just IS and that is the journey that we embark on this year. Helping facilitate this DEEPER work are a few exciting new Teaching Staff members. Let's get to know them and understand WHY they are critical pieces of our next growth phase together.
Anton Mackey

Anton Mackey

Anton joins our staff with an extensive background in anatomy & physiology, hands-on adjustments and a deep passion for facilitating the evolution of yoga. Anton skillfully bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual, giving students the freedom to experience the beauty of the divine feminine grace and inner masculine strength. He is known for creative and mindful sequences that create a space for students to withdraw their senses and take the unique spiritual journey inward.

Anton will be leading units 2,3 & 5 of our 200 HR YTT programs in addition to co-leading our 300 HR YTT program.

Jennilee Toner

Jennilee Toner joins us as seasoned 500 HR E-RYT with over 10 years of yoga teacher training instruction in addition to being a published author [ The Perfect Chatturanga ], and anatomy, physiology and fascia expert. Her intuitive, off-axis sequencing complements to core teachings of Buti and brings a new level of fascia-specific activation and knowledge. In addition to all of her expertise on the physical and energetic levels, she comes to us a modern day yogi philosopher able to relay ancient yogic teachings in a modern + practical way. She joins us as our Lead Trainer for our 300 HR YTT, launching this February 2019.


Danni Pomplun Joins Our 300 Hr Ytt Staff

Danni Pomplun

Danni Pomplun joins our 300 HR YTT staff as an E-RYT 500 with an extensive background in yoga teacher training worldwide. In addition to his yoga teacher training work and podcast Yogi Misfit Sessions, Danni is no stranger to the festival teaching circuit. He carefully curates an auditory experience to the deepen students' yoga experience. In his own words: "each class with me has a beat, a vibration, and a pulse to help you find your rhythm and connect to your truth." He joins our staff to bring a down-to-earth approach to combining the mentally restorative aspects of yoga with the functional physical work it entails.

To 2019 + BEYOND

Starting in January, we officially rollout our new 5 Unit YTT programming for 200 HR. This includes a new 36 hour lecture + practicum series detailing movement a+p, gross + subtle body alignment, and hands-on adjustment. We will also dig deeper into sequencing with intention and for specific injuries. 

Next to rollout in February- our 300 HR YTT with Jennilee Toner, Anton Mackey, Danni Pomplun + [ yep, you guessed it - ME] Bizzie Gold. This program is called ROOT, RELEASE + RISE - where we teach you to integrate the ancient and modern to embody the evolution of yoga. We are offering two sessions for 2019 beginning May and June 2019. 

Then we move to the implementation of our 3 Day Buti Certifications in April of 2019. This give us more time to dig deeper in asana alignment, spiral structure technique and movement a+p to ensure a deepening of the overall skill level of Buti Instructors globally. As with all of our trainings, once you've paid to attend you can audit. However, we are implementing a new rule that you can audit for FREE if you've taken that certification within 2 years. We are doing this for two primary reasons: a) it's important that you stay on top of your personal development with your practice  + keep growing and evolving b) trainings are getting overcrowded with audits. If you're within the 2 year mark, you can audit the training for FREE as long as it's cleared with our training staff in advance. If you are outside of the 2 year mark, we will institute a minimal audit fee which will vary based on training. We do consistently update our content every two years and in many cases, when you wait 2 or more years to audit a training it's often completely NEW content.

My Commitment to YOU

Sometimes in an effort to help create more leaders, you accidentally remove yourself from the leadership you originally created. I will absolutely own my role in that. I care deeply about this practice and it's important to know when to fall back and let others lead and when it's time to go all the way in personally. This year it's ALL THE WAY IN. I knew it part way through this year and when the changes started to be implemented - the SHAKING happened. The OMG moments when everyone wants to let their root chakras get the best of them. It all has a purpose. It is all for the inevitable alignment + MAGIC of 2019. 

With Love,