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Meet Alexis Jones

2x each month, you'll be introduced to a member of our Buti Master Trainer team. The Buti Master Trainers are a group of Advanced Buti Instructors and Yoga Teacher Trainers + all around badasses who have put in some serious WORK on and off the mat, continually raising the bar and certifying Butisattvas as instructors around the world

We’re kicking off our spotlight series with Master Trainer Alexis Jones of Nashville, TN. Read Alexis’ #IAMBUTI story below, and don’t miss the chance to join her for a workout on Buti® Online 👇👇


Q: How has Buti been transformational in your life?


I would be lying if I said I was this size when I started Buti. I gained 65+ lbs with my first pregnancy (1st photo) but I was this size (2nd photo) when I found myself at a Buti Yoga certification a couple years later. Seemingly fit and happy…but more like deprived and depressed. How did I lose the weight? I was hard on my body, strict on what I ate, and was teaching 14 fitness classes a week...and quite frankly had a stick up my ass. **None of those routes are recommended** I battled with disordered eating in my younger years as a gymnast. I refused to return to that rock bottom...Yet I had just found a different rock bottom postpartum. I allowed this “new” path of motherhood to cripple me bc it wasn’t what I had planned at the time(ha!) I had lots of excuses and was mad that I “couldn’t” be myself. None of that makes sense now.


The owner of a studio I was teaching at introduced me to a Buti Yoga workout online. I wasn’t ready. Yet, I found myself at certification and Tara rocked my shit inside out. I was doing things I haven’t done in 10+years. Things I assumed I couldn’t do anymore. In that hour, I managed to feel what it was like to talk through your bullshit, prove yourself wrong and show up at your highest potential. I felt home in my body (and cried like a happy lil bi*$ch about it). 

I then went after Advanced Buti Certification and completed 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training, and it’s been eye opening and groundbreaking self-re-discovery ever since.








It’s been about 3 years. I am home. I can smile through the waves that life throws at me and I know I have my own back. It’s a kind of self-respect and love that is unwavering. BUTI 100% has transformed me emotionally and mentally. Physically--I feel stronger now than ever. The fear is gone. I weigh more now than I did pre-Buti and I am 100% okay with that ❤️

I am blessed to have the opportunity to teach and spread this kind of healing movement to my local community that brings me so much happiness every week and to the Buti community that are becoming instructors and leaders of their own.

Q: What Is It About the Buti Community that You Most Connect With?

When I realized the change happening in me, I wanted to spread that to everyone. The acceptance of each other and ourselves so we can grow. The Buti community, locally and online, is like a movement where everyone is welcoming of scars and struggles, offers support and love and most importantly is open-minded to growing from each other’s experiences and opinions. It sounds cliché. But it is very clear that butisattvas everywhere are forever growing a better version of themselves. We heal each other by inspiring and boosting each other instead of competition. At the end of the day, that’s what we all need. Support, community and a space to be open and ourselves. That’s what the community means to me <3

Buti Community That You Most Connect

Q: When Did You Know You Wanted to Be a Master Trainer? What’s Your Favorite Part of the Trainings?

I always knew I wanted to teach movement. It’s been a part of my life since I was 3. After bringing Buti back to my community, I knew I wanted to do more. I set goals for Advanced training a little over a year later and was blessed to be given a chance to complete my RYT there and the road is still going.

I love teaching teachers. The best part of training is witnessing everyone rise to the occasion. I get chills when I see them hit the beat drop or break through their doubts and continue forward. For me, I didn’t have my back during my demo like I wish I had. The nerves were real. It wasn’t until I realized that it didn’t matter what order I did things or which direction I stepped in: I was going to thrive in that pose/that situation. I try to teach that. Seeing it happen and the dog pile of sweaty hugs to follow solidifies it. I truly love this work.

Buti Master Trainer Spotlight

Q: What Are Your Goals for the Next 6-12 Months?

This is a hard question. I have a lot but my focus is to just keep applying myself and know that the right doors will open as long as I am putting in my best work with what I have been given.

To name a few: I want to continue training and teaching. I want to travel overseas again. I want to create products with my art/design and donate proceeds to help the oceans and my relatives in the Philippines. I want to start painting again (I will eventually find time).

As a Master Trainer, I want tobring Buti further overseas and continue to build the Buti tribe in my hometown (Nashville).

Q: How Does Buti Play a Part in Your Future and The Direction You’re Heading?

I used to want to do a million things and it was hard for me to know where to apply the most effort first. Now it is clearer that I want to continue growing in movement through yoga and artistically through art/design. Together they wrap up who I am and allow me to express myself fully. I want to continue branding for people, designing for Buti Yoga HQ as it grows and spreading the Buti movement. Maybe one day I will set roots down and have my own space to spread the practice but for now, I enjoy being able to move around and travel.



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Vinyasa and Pop-Up Buti Yoga classes @City Fit Concierge



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Favorite Quote: "There is freedom on the other side of fear." 

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