#butioffthemat Community Focus - Kira Krier

#butioffthemat Community Focus - Kira Krier - Buti Yoga
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Kira Krier is an absolute dynamo. Not only is she a mother of two and certified Buti instructor - she is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker both in the private sector and in the Vermont Correctional system. Early into her own Buti practice Kira recognized the massive internal shift that occurred as a result of the movement. “The first time I did Buti I was instantly hooked and I knew that getting my certification would give me an opportunity to provide a healing method to people incarcerated...” She visualized a place in her work for the deeply therapeutic, internal transformation that only Buti can bring. Kira imagined a space where the movement, combined with “music would help drown out the thoughts of negativity or self-judgement.” Buti was a perfect match for the women in the prison system in which she worked and she knew she wanted to bring even more life-changing experiences into their worlds.

Kira truly picked up what Bizzie was laying down and decided she would take her own self-mastery one step further, reaching out to enroll herself into BREAK Method - The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery,  with the hopes of having tools to take back to the women she worked with daily. Kira had ZERO idea the lasting and far-reaching influence Break would have in her own life. Over the course of her time in Break Kira, LICSW + EMDR therapist, discovered aspects of herself and her patterns of behavior that unlocked limiting self-belief, released her from self-sabotaging behavior while simultaneously deepening and enriching the most important relationships in her life. Her next steps and purpose became abundantly apparent. 

Kira set about creating a program for the incarcerated women she worked with daily that would combine the healing movement of Buti with the emotional intelligence + repatterning gift of Break Method and DIVAS was born. 

DIVAS (Discussing Intimate Violence & Accessing Support) is combo-healing and relief for the population of women it serves who are incarcerated survivors of domestic and sexual violence. For Kira, “Buti + Break in the prison was based on bilateral movement, static shaking and SST (Spiral Structure Technique) which mimic the stimulation used in EMDR. Having been a EMDR therapist for 15 years this movement felt like the easiest way to create healing in a toxic environment without ‘diving deep’ into psychological trauma. Research shows that bilateral movements naturally heal the brain—Buti incorporates this movement throughout the practice simultaneously. The National Institute of Mental Health recently did a study on yoga and found that the benefits of yoga significantly outweighs psychotropic drugs for PTSD. In fact, it states that drugs are not at all helpful for PTSD as compared to yoga.” With Buti Core Values in full affect, Kira saw a desperate need and took the opportunity to build the world she wants to see in front of her, one full of possibilities for all, not just a select few. 

Community, now more than ever, is crucial to our well-being and for cultivating a new way of life. No person should be excluded from the movement that butisattvas know IS medicine. 

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