Choose a Transformational RYT.



We Might Not Be For You.

If your vision of Yoga Teacher Training is flying under the radar, being told who to be + what to say, talking about energy, regurgitating for a test and running out the door with your certificate—we're not the program for you. 

BUT—if PARTICIPATING in an evolving tribe of women for 4 months of healing, EXPERIENCING transformation + turning UP the volume on who YOU are as a leader sounds appealing—then keep reading.

If you have the lady balls to honor the light AND dark inside yourself, to walk through resistance +  release what is holding you back—then step forward to LEAD + join us for our unique 200 HR RYT. We're far from traditional. 

OH—and we're having a flash sale. Take $260 OFF* Paid in Full, only until July 1st (details at the bottom of this page)




Bizzie Gold
Bizzie Gold


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Lizbeth Guerrero
Lizbeth Guerrero

December 20, 2016

I live in Chicago and could come to Arizona to do the certification but how long would have to be there? Do I have to be there for whole 4months?

Tiffany Bourquin
Tiffany Bourquin

August 10, 2016

Can you tell me where the certification program is located and how much it is? I need this change!!!

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