Inhale self-love and exhale … everything else. As we breathe in all the spring vibes this month, let's remember to celebrate love within our relationships, but let’s not forget to recognize it within ourselves, too. And what better way to honor self-love than by activating your heart chakra? Not only do the overall benefits of heart openers boost respiratory health and improve oxygen intake, but each pose has a specific function to support your Anahata (heart chakra) and assist in releasing negativity while remaining open to the light. Um, yes please! To encourage you to open your heart this spring, we compiled a list of poses meant to open your heart, activate self-love, and release emotional tension.

Fish Pose 


Fish pose holds a variety of amazing physical benefits including flexibility and improved thyroid functioning but when it comes to emotional regulations, fish pose is the ultimate mental health supporter. The openness created during the asana serves to balance strong emotions by lessening anxiety, decreasing depression, and regulating PMS + insomnia.


Camel Pose 


A classic heart opener, Camel is one of our very favorites when it comes to activating the powerful heart charka. It boosts blood circulation while decreasing stress levels — talk about the perfect combo! But wait, it’s gets better. After ridding the emotional gunk, the pose has a valued reputation of energizing and refresh the entire body + mind.

Upward Dog 

(Urdhva mukha svanasana)

Whether you’re moving through a vinyasa or holding upward dog for several breaths, its advantages are substantial when it comes to opening the heart and releasing unwanted emotions. Holding this heart opener helps to bring awareness to one’s emotional state and enhance concentration, in turn this facilitates the release of any deep unwanted emotional sensations.

Wheel Pose 

(Urdhva Dhanurasana)

For more advanced yogis, the wheel is an effective asana for releasing a variety of negative emotions such as depression, anxiety + stress. What’s more? After the release, the wheel pose is known to invite an abundance of positive emotions in the practice such as love, joy, + kindness.

The Wild Thing Pose 


We love getting wild, especially when it means reaping so many epic benefits. Turn on the heart chakra with this pose and enjoy the freedom that comes with all the love, peace, and fearlessness felt during this wildly freeing asana. In fact, camatkarasana holds one of the most beautiful translations meaning: "the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart." Enough said, right?! 

Bow Pose 


Wrap your beautiful heart up in a bow (pose). Also known as dhanurasana, not only does this asana hold a hefty list of emotional benefits like stress relief, anxiety reduction, calming of the mind and a greater sense of confidence, but it’s also great on the body too. Bow pose for the win-win!

Gentle Heart Openers

If you’re craving easy, expansive, + super chill heart openers, these poses will deliver by supporting the release of negative emotions and promoting a calming and restful state.

Supine Spinal Twist 

(Supta Matsyendrasana)

This asana is all about quieting the mind and surrendering. The ease and comfort of the pose assists in a great release through calming energy and whole body, mind + soul acceptance.

Child’s Pose 


Child’s pose, yoga’s sweetheart asana, is beautiful (and relaxing) in so many ways, but one of its greatest benefits is found in its releasing capabilities. It allows one to let go of anything outside the present moment by finding your innate positioning as though you were a carefree (and relaxed!) child. Other amazing emotional benefits include stress reduction and a decrease in mental fatigue.

Warrior II 

(Virabhadrasana II)

What better way to celebrate an expansive heart than with the strength + courage of a warrior. Warrior II isn’t the most obvious heart opener, but it is known to promote peace and focus in the present moment, releasing any tension or stress outside of the here + now.

This Spring treat your heart to openness and let go of limitations with one (or all!) of these amazingly effective asanas.