INSTRUCTOR SPOTLIGHT: Sherilynne Fields - Buti Yoga

 When the love of this practice is genuine and the adoption of it’s philosophy internalized,  transformational, and evident, the self-love is nearly palpable. Watch Sheri shine. ♥️

I found Buti in 2017, right after a scary time in my life. I had been dealing with a chronic illness and spent 2016 pretty debilitated. I couldn't workout or do much of anything for a good long time but regained my health through healthy diet, supplementation, and meditation practices. At the time I found Buti, I was just starting to really feel strong again, and I was so thankful for my life.

But, I still had a lot of fear and distrust regarding my body. I was in martial arts and loved it, but something was missing. I didn't feel free in my body yet. I had dysmorphic ideas still present from long ago. My best friend showed me Buti one night while we were hanging out. She'd been telling me about this “new practice” and how she'd experienced it in her friend’s basement who was an instructor who had created a space for herself and others. One look at the static shake and I'll admit, I was cautious but also intrigued.

I went to a class and I remember sweating and smiling so hard the whole time. There was an amazing energy and I felt so ACCEPTED. The music was FIRE - dance, edm, hip-hop...the things I wanted to listen to during my practice that helped ME find stillness and lose my inhibitions. The movements were so new, but familiar...spiraling and bouncing and moving my hips the way I always wanted in yoga but never felt would be ok (I tried to static shake naturally in a yoga class once, it was AWKWARD but that’s a story for another time). After that first class I STILL remember to this day thinking and knowing, "Oh shit, I'm different now." And I knew I would never be the same.

Myself and That Was Enormous for Me

Over that year I bonded with an incredible community of people and my mentor came to me after class one day to say I should consider instructing. At first I laughed as we do when sees our magick but we don't. After a while though, I realized it was where I was meant to be. I saw a place for myself and that was ENORMOUS for me. I really liked the idea that leaders could facilitate other leaders in a nourishing and challenging environment. On and off the mat, this is what I still continually find. I attended Buti training in Feb 2018 and I’ve never looked back. Training was incredible, I was lucky to have such an enthusiastic and badass trainer as Becky Kain. She taught more than the moves and the yoga, she taught us how to be there for our students, about the responsibility of creating space for others to find healing. She also saw something in me that I hadn’t seen in myself.

I've been teaching at least once a week almost every week since I started. It's gotten me through growing a new business, the death of my grandmother which tested everything in me. Through it all I've had community and freedom of expression and I am FINALLY seeing the pay off of my hard WORK. Finally realizing that life out loud and authentically and with compassion turned inward IS the work. My Buti practice has truly been a constant for me. It's taught me to lean in and enjoy the journey, instead of rushing anxiously to the destination. That shit is dope.

If I can offer another person even an iota of the freedom I've experienced, the chance for professional opportunities, new friendships/sisterhood, and inner self-love I've gained...I feel it's my duty as a healer to show up on my mat with my heart open.
The idea of loving yourself now is no joke. It takes work and constant, radical honesty. But that IS the path to self-love and true confidence. I have a need to bring that to others. I've re-found my roots as a dancer and a healer through this practice and I'm eternally grateful.

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