Master Trainer Weekend Spotlight - October 2019 - Buti Yoga

Buti Headquarter's recently hosted a Master Trainee weekend at the end of September.  Check out what some of our up and coming Master Trainers have to say about Buti and the magical weekend they shared with us.

Elizabeth Hebert

"The most important aspect of Buti Yoga to me are the connections that I make at every training I go to. I have solid and supportive relationships with women all over the country that are priceless. I have been blessed to attend trainings in Europe, and the reaction is the same. Women stepping onto their mat, standing in their personal power and releasing everything into their Buti practice. Its magic to witness, and shows just how connected we are. No matter where you go or who you are with, the Buti experience translates. For me personally, Buti yoga is a physical manifestation of the journey towards self-awareness I have been on for some time. It is a space where I can step onto my mat, get out of my head and into my body, let everything go, and be fully present in the moment. I attended the Master Trainee retreat in September and it was amazing! I left feeling refreshed and optimistic about what is in store for the practice. I'm so excited to see where my journey takes me and I can't wait to connect with more butisattvas!”

Josie Blankenship

“Buti to me is more than a yoga format. It’s more than movement therapy, more than a kick-ass workout, it’s a practice that I look forward to doing. It has peeled layers and opened space for me to truly BE ME. To show up authentically; on and off my mat.

When I first discovered the practice I had absolutely no intention to become an instructor. I just wanted to find an exercise I enjoyed doing and to be in better shape. I was completely unaware of how this practice would eventually break me wide open- remove layers of self-judgment, deepen my connection with myself, and restore my courage to step out of my comfort zone. 

Fast forward to now- I’m not only a certified Advanced Buti Yoga Instructor, I’m a Master Trainee. I want to share this grounding, bold practice with as many people as I can. I want to create a supportive community. I want this practice to hold space for others as it did for me. Space to grow and stumble while on this beautiful journey of awareness. 

The Master Trainee Training weekend was the bow on top of MY WHY. It reminded and reinforced why I have so much passion and drive for this practice and the work. Buti Yoga Trainings are like nothing else. REALLY. The group of supportive souls it attracts amazes me. The connections and growth come aplenty in these weekends- it restores and fills me up. I’m grateful for the knowledgeable trainers that lead and encourage. I look forward to continuing my journey with Buti Yoga!”

 Andi Carroll

“I found BUTI Yoga two years ago when I signed up for a certification on a whim. As the owner of a pilates and yoga studio in Louisiana, where BUTI wasn’t really a thing yet, I assumed I would do the training and take home a few new moves. What I actually found that weekend was totally unexpected. From the moment at demo day when all of the trainees collapsed on the mat in a pile of sweat, tears, and love for the first woman to demo, BUTI became for me a path to deeper connection and actually living and savoring my life. It brought me to love of my body for the first time. It brought me to love of my spirit, quirks and all. And it brought me to learn to cultivate a loving and supportive relationship with other women, which I had been unknowingly closed off to for most of my adult life. I’m happier, more confident, and more aware of my purpose and what I have to offer the world around me because of BUTI.

The chance to spread that same feeling to just one other woman led me to join the BUTI master training program this year. In September, I had the opportunity to share a weekend with other master trainees at BUTI headquarters. I thought that a BUTI weekend couldn’t surprise me again since I feel all the feels every time I’m immersed in the BUTI community. But this weekend took things to a new level. Before the training, all of the trainees organized ourselves and rented a house together, which made for an incredible experience. There were belly laughs around the kitchen counter. There were tears. There were nude lunches in the pool (no, not kidding!). And there was genuine support and love from each trainee. Every woman who participated that weekend helped the others to find her unique place as a BUTI trainee. No competition. Just genuine desire to see others succeed in spreading the practice that binds us all together. I came home from the master trainee weekend fulfilled, inspired, and so ready to share!


Jess Ica Weinstock

Buti has shown me that opportunities to evolve are endless, spiritually, emotionally, physically, nutritionally, and mentally. For me and for others, that means growth. Growth also equates to freedom for me, and to maintaining a youthful soul. To me, Buti means love, laughter, confidence, and the safe space to grow. 

The master training weekend touched me in many ways I felt comfortable opening up about some past experiences, I realized my soul wants to be in AZ, and I realized I am absolutely ALWAYS a student. I was also able to see Emily B. and her growth which was just heartwarming. Love how the tribe always inspires me creatively, and I can come back with fiery new moves that my students all notice. I also discovered I love Hot Buti, which I thought I didn’t like at all, and I want to teach it! Thank you for everything Buti and Britt!!


Buti Is One of Those Things You Never Knew You Needed

 "Buti is one of those things you never knew you needed. It took me a long time to find the words for why I fell in love with the practice. All I knew is that I had discovered a deeper connection with myself. Now that I'm able to tap into this intuition many things in my life have become so clear, on and off the mat. That's a feeling that no one can take from you. Walking into Buti training weekends are like family reunions with relatives I've never met before. Without words, we share the passion and support that has touched us through Buti Yoga.

My desire to share this practice with people is driven by two things: that spiritually connecting to yourself is attainable and the physical practice is accessible (for EVERYONE.) We may have different skill sets, we may move differently in our bodies, but that feeling of collective effervescence (mmm..mmm..mmmm)...that ground-pounding, sweat dripping, heart-pumping Buti Bliss. That's what I'm here to share."