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DECEMBER 18, 2017

The KEYS to Sustainable Transformation (+ How to Actually USE It)

Feel Think Look Copy Grande


As a collective, we like to punish ourselves. For the LOOK, to be SKINNY, for the ABS - and all the other physical achievements we’re after. But this way of pursuing the LOOK is pretty jacked.

NOT because you can’t deprive/punish/tirelessly push yourself until you see something different.

NOT because it’s wrong to want better for yourself, but because…

  1. Outer transformation without an inner foundation is crazy unsustainable (and you work too hard for that shit).
  2. If the abs are all you’re after, YOU end up missing out on the most life-affirming gifts transformation has to offer on the way.

You deserve better. So don’t do that.

By now, you've already heard that you're supposed to #loveyourself like, the day before yesterday. That’s great and all ... but pretty muchonly anxiety-inducing unless you know how you canactually get there.

Buti is about transforming from the inside out. It's a catchy tagline - but it’s also one of the deepest truths about this practice, and the complimentary lifestyle so many Buti students adopt with it.

You're not here just to polish your facade. What’s better than rock hard abs? Feeling ridiculously confident and ridiculously vibrant before you have them - and keeping that swagger with or without them.

So, how DO you transform from the inside out?

The good news is, sustainable transformation + finding the self-love we're all after go hand in hand. It's all held up by 3 trusty pillars; at Buti we call them the FEEL/THINK/LOOK Philosophy.

The 3 Pillars of Sustainable Transformation                                 


Lasting transformation begins with processes/practices that elicit different FEELINGS in you. To achieve and maintain a physical result, like weight loss, toning, or muscle gain, you must begin bymaking changes in your lifestyle that make you feel tangible + beneficial differences. Stuff you can actually TALK about: less bloated, better digestion, better moods, greater confidence, less tired, etc. 

You really can’t go wrong here.Feeling good is a win-win-win. If you don’t know HOW to start feeling better, you’re in luck. At Buti, creating the tools to support your sustainable transformation is literally our day job. All you have to do is show up + use them.

the 3 Pillars of Sustainable Transformation

3 Ways to Start FEELING Better Immediately:

1- Get Your Buti On 3-5 Days/ Week

There’s not much to say but to just SHOW UP and DO IT! With live classes, online streaming, and DVDS/Digital Downloads- we’ve made it pretty hard to find a legit excuse to skip hitting the mat (you're welcome). We recommend you practice Buti 3 Days ON and 1 Day OFF.

If you’re struggling to START, know this: Buti Bliss is never far, and soon you’ll be begging to workout on your rest days. SIDENOTE: Hesitating only wastes precious energy you could be using to fuel your transformation... sooo... STOP! Don’t overthink things: all you have to do is show up as you ARE and give it your all.

“I regret doing Buti today”- said no one ever.

2- UPGRADE Your Breakfast Routine

Somewhere along the line we decided that the most important meal of the day should weigh you down and complicate your digestion. Yeah, and cigarettes are good for you. Treat the most important meal of the day with some damn respect. Bizzie created Golden Ratio Bliss Protein as the easiest and best way to start the day and give your body the fuel it actually wants + needs.

A daily wake + shakeregulates digestion, keeps you satiated all morning and balances blood sugar—plus, the collagen in Golden Ratioeliminates bloating + cellulite, curves cravings and strengthens hair and nails. BEST BREAKFAST EVER.

Grab a 30 Day canister HEREor grab a 7 Day Challenge to try a variety of our flavors + see results in a week.  

3- Go Grain Free/Dairy Free

Step 1: Don’t panic.

Start with a one-month commitment to avoiding these 2 food groups. Whether or not you realize it yet, inflammation, “grain brain” and hormonal fluctuations are making you feel like shit.

The scariest thing is: youcan’t even tell how grains + dairy are making you and your body feel if you’ve never taken time away from them.

Your body has learned to cope (#resilience), but the bummer is: grain + dairy probably take up a good chunk of your energy and dim your shine.

Fortunately, Bizzie took the time to put all her favorite Paleo recipes into our 5 Paleo meal plans. They even come with a symptom tracker so you can see exactly how you’re feeling- and just as importantly how you're NOT feeling over 30 days.

5 Paleo Meal Plans


Once the effort you put into FEELING better starts cultivating noticeable changes in your life (IE less physical discomfort, clarity, better moods) naturally,how you THINK about life and the choices you make start to shift.

It might be hard to imagine now, but what used to look like a fun night out or innocent pizza binge starts looking a lot more like 3 foggy, bloated days you are not even trying to deal with.

Why ruin a perfectly good weekend? Not so tasty, after all.


  • You’re FEELING clearer/happier/better than you knew possible.
  • You’ve dropped the MENTAL struggle of making choices that support your goals.
  • Your confidence is beyond on fleek, and damn - is that a warrior staring back  in the mirror?

So, now what? You’ve found (and most importantly - stuck with) the practices and routines that support you feeling your best, and have had the shift in mindset to stick with them.

All without ever depriving or punishing yourself, you’ve createda sustainable lifestyle built on self-love in its purest form: loving action taken.

You've been putting in work taking action to feel and think your best. You might even say “who the f needs abs when you feel like a million bucks?” But either way - here it comes: A physical transformation you had almost forgotten about.

Beneath our surface desires, behind any of our desires to be skinny, to be fit, to be WHATEVER - there is a bigger and better WANT: embodiment. The confidence to feel more than just comfortable in our own skin. The vibrancy to f***ing shine. Buti will take you there. 

Sustainable transformation starts with how you FEEL. Breathe knowing that you already have your first step + take action. Trust the process - you know this tribe will be here to support you with loving accountability each step of the way. 

At the end of the day, what you really want is a feeling. And it’s our honor to create tools to support you in your sustainable transformation ✌🏼