Are you looking to glow up and feel refreshed? We will share some of our favorite tips for glowing up and being healthy this summer.


Nourish your body, care for your mind + brighten your spirit.

☀️ Start Your Day with Golden Ratio

What's a better way to start your day than with Golden Ratio products? Enjoy a smoothie with some protein powder or have some pre-workout before getting on your mat for your daily dose of exercise. 

Find recipes, meal plans, and so much more that will help transform the way you eat and drink.

All Golden Ratio products are:

  • 100% grain free
  • 100% dairy free
  • 100% free of artificial sweeteners, dyes + flavors

☀️ Stay Hydrated

We have all had a hundred people tell us "make sure you drink enough water". It may be pretty obvious that we need to drink water, but it can also be easy to forget.

Water is so important to keep your whole body healthy, inside and out. Drinking water is crucial to keeping good health, and also keeps your skin hydrated and glowing.

If you find it hard to drink water because of the taste, why not try infusing it with fruit? Add some of your favorite pieces of fresh fruit for a refreshing flavor.

☀️ Eat Healthy Foods

In addition to water, your body also needs nourishing food to keep it healthy and to glow up from the inside. Eating nourishing food can help to brighten your skin, keep a healthy weight, and have more energy to lead an active life.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate healthy food into your life:

  • Make lunches at home so that you reduce the amount of fast-food that you consume.
  • Include vegetables in every meal. They can be chopped veggies, added into soups, grilled on a bbq, and so much more.
  • Eat lots of fruit. You can also make smoothies packed with fruit, greens, Golden Ratio Protein Powder, and other nourishing ingredients. 
  • Purchase Golden Ratio's 30 Day Meal Plans to cook healthy meals that come with recipes + grocery lists.

☀️ Movement Medicine with BUTI MVMNT

Roll out your mat and move with Buti MVMNT! Head to a class in person or join us at Buti TV to really get you moving + shaking. 

Workouts range 30 to 90 minutes and include cardio dance intensive classes to restorative yoga sequencing, booty sculpting + everything in between. 

Many of us are mistakenly programmed to believe that for something to work it has to feel like punishment. We want you to shift your mindset from workout to movement and from punishment to celebration.

We know that it can be hard to motivate yourself to workout at times, but if you stay consistent, it will quickly become part of your routine.

If you haven't tried Buti TV yet, you can get 14 days free to see what all the talk is about. Not sure which workout to start with? We recommend Tone #395 to get you started.

☀️ Remember to Get Enough Sleep

One of the most powerful remedies to glow up is to get your beauty sleep.

During the night, our cells regenerate, our skin is able to make new collagen, and that all helps prevent wrinkles and saggy skin. So by getting a good nights sleep, we are helping our skin stay youthful and look fresh and rested.

Not only does it help our skin, but it also helps with weight and athletic performance. 

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, you can try some of these bedtime routines:

  • Put your phone away an hour before you go to bed
  • Read a few chapters of a book
  • Use relaxing essential oils or mists
  • Try meditating to relax


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