Vibe + Flow Playlist Drop

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Buti MVMNT certification VIBE + FLOW. 🔥 If you love Hot Vibes then you’ll love VIBE + FLOW. ⁠

VIBE + FLOW is a more structured version of Hot Vibes. It is a blend of a vinyasa structured yoga flow, signature Buti® spirals + shakes, and fluid dynamic freestyle movement set to intentional music.

These classes may be planned or created intuitively to combine movement and music with intelligent sequences focused on joint alignment, muscle engagement, and body awareness. ✨⁠

Heavily influenced by the Buti TV Hot Vibes class concept and uses purposeful, safe, creative, fun-flowing transitions.⁠

Certifications are now open for Portland, Tahoe, Scottsdale + online offerings. Two day cert offerings are available for $725 USD or on a consistent payment plan through ShopPay. ⁠
Upcoming Certification Dates + Locations 👇⁠

August 27th - 28th | Portland, Oregon
September 24th - 25th | Tahoe, California⁠
October 1st - 2nd | Scottsdale, Arizona
October 8th - 9th | Online CST
December 10th - 11th | Scottsdale, Arizona

You’ll learn the structure to align your body with awareness, focus on fluidity to incorporate movement in the body with purpose + intention, and finally, how to establish the mood + set the VIBE for your classes.⁠

Allow yourself to FEEL the excitement by listening to our first VIBE + FLOW playlist. Save to your favourites for future dance parties