Online Vibe + Flow Certification

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VIBE + FLOW is Vinyasa Inspired Buti Empowered. The practice incorporates intuitive vinyasa sequencing focused on creativity to retain the spirit of out of the box inventive transitions and continuous yoga flow, functional and safe use of props + modifications, beat blended movement to allow students to get out of their heads + into their bodies, and our powerful signature Buti® shaking, spiraling, and dynamic mobility leaving out the cardio all combined towards an expression of your intention.

The VIBE + FLOW class is low-impact, places emphasis on muscle engagement, joint alignment, mind + body awareness and connection, focused intention, and builds strength + flexibility with graceful movement into an intricate, creative flow to provide a deeper dive into the intuitive piece of the practice leaving students feeling the Vibe. 

The VIBE + FLOW class experience is formed to ALIGN the body with awareness and engagement, promotes purposeful and intentional movement to focus on FLUIDITY, and synchronizes the musical beat with motion, breath, and flow to establish the mood and set a vibe.

The VIBE + FLOW format may offer the intentional use of props, modifications, or advanced variations, utilizes anatomical and innovative continuous flow sequences to support an intention, and layers in personalized music, yoga philosophy, and dynamic movements to set the foundation and purpose of your vibe while challenging the class to stay present in each body movement.

In the VIBE + FLOW certification, you will learn structure to ALIGN the body with awareness then focus on FLUIDITY to incorporate movement in the body with purpose + intention establishing the mood and setting a Vibe.

In addition:
  • Structure continuous fluid flows between yoga asanas with dynamic movement
  • Learn asana benefits, purpose, modifications + variations along with yogic energy associations
  • Create synchronized movement, music, and breath sequences with flowing range of movement thru the joints and buti signature spirals + shakes
  • Intelligent + purposeful sequencing
  • The art of cueing energetically
  • Structure continuous fluid flows between yoga asanas with safe, fun, intuitive + creative transitions
  • Apply yoga philosophy to inspire sequences and classes
  • 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training certification OR Buti Yoga certification

    Time: 2-days [8am - 8pm]
    Price: $725

    Certification Terms + Conditions
    Deposits/Payments for your certification are non-refundable, but with notice of absence, are transferable to another training. If you are unable to attend a certification, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing No-shows who do not make contact with us prior to the training date will be unable to transfer their credit. Certifications are subject to location changes and changes from in-person to online. In order to receive your electronic training manual, you will be required to sign our license agreement, sent to you prior to certification day to be signed electronically. If you are unable to attend the certification course you've registered for, you can apply your deposit or full payment to any future training.
    Should you need to cancel your attendance—or should your scheduled training/event be rescheduled or cancelled- you will be given the choice to transfer to another training date, or receive a store credit for the cost of your training. Buti Yoga is not responsible for any financial loss from travel arrangements made to attend a certification.
    Required Instructor Tools Subscription
    *After certification, a $19.99/month Instructor Tools subscription must be maintained while you are actively teaching (Instructor Tools includes: Buti TV, Monthly Instructor Sequencing and Marketing Materials). The $19.99 instructor tools subscription gives you access to all of our pre-recorded broken down sequences (Cardio Dance, Yoga Sequencing and Strength), monthly. (All formats) You also gain access to marketing and resources for instructors, and the Buti TV subscription, which hosts over 400 full-length workouts with a new one added every Monday and Thursday! Buti TV is usually $39.99 per month:) We do not require our instructors to re-certify, instructor tools keep everyone up to date with changes and help spark creativity. Instructor tools only need to be active while you are actively teaching.
    Auditing a Certification
    You are able to audit a Buti certification for 2 years from the certification you passed at no additional charge pending space. This is unlimited for 2 years. (Requesting an audit does not guarantee an audit spot.) For every certification, we hold 5 audit spots then begin a waitlist to ensure there is space for the participants wanting to certify for the first time. If the training does not sell out the waitlist, or as much of the waitlist as possible will be able to attend and audit as well. The Online Certifications are Special Events + there is a fee of $99.00 to audit.
    Have training-specific questions? You can reach the Training Department by emailing: