Dynamic Flow DVD

Dynamic Flow DVD

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Join Celebrity Trainer Bizzie Gold for Dynamic Flow – the introductory Buti Yoga series that teaches you the foundational elements of creating a dynamic yoga practiceSculpt your entire body using Founder Bizzie Gold’s Spiral Structure Technique ™(SST) which applies a multi-dimensional approach to restructuring the muscles of the core. Unlike other fitness methodologies that train the body using a linear approach, Bizzie Gold trains the body using a spiral approach that gives students long lean muscle tone without bulking. 
Dynamic Flow is an introductory DVD series that offers beginner modifications and workouts that range from 30 to 60 minutes in length. Come join the fastest growing community of women on a path to wellness with Buti Yoga – Connect + Thrive.
This DVD set includes:
    • 2 Buti Yoga Tone Workouts ( 30 minute + 60 minute)
    • 3 Buti Yoga Sculpt Workouts (Upper Body, Abs, Lower Body)
    • Individual Exercise Breakdowns with modifications for exercise mastery

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