Vegan 30-Day Slimdown Meal Plan

So, you want to be vegan BUT you ALSO want to build muscle. That struggle is very REAL.

Whether you’re vegan for animal rights, practicing ahimsa or maybe you just can’t stomach meat - this 30/30/40  plan has everything you need to BUILD long lean muscle, BURN maximum fat and CLEANSE your internal physiology to kick your energy into high-gear.

Why Should I Try This Plan?

With so many conflicting theories out there and TV-based celeb trainers pushing whole wheat pasta and tech gadgets to lose weight - it’s no wonder you’re confused. Unfortunately, those TV & magazine marketing ploys are builtwith profits in mind not your internal health and wellbeing. The Vegan 30 Day Slimdown is  NOT a diet and it’s NOT a “get fit fast” gimmick. My plan contains 30 days of easy to prepare, delicious meals, complete with recipes and shopping lists that will become household staples for years to come. I’ve taken the guesswork out of meal planning to give you the confidence to move forward toward your transformational goals. I want you to feel successful AS you progress, teaching you how to ditch self-defeating habits and make your own healthy choices so you’ll have no desire to quit, during OR after the program!

Inspired by the transformational pillars of myFeel. Think. Look.philosophy, explained in the introduction of your downloadable PDF,The Vegan 30 Day Slimdown goes far beyond the dated formula of “basic meal plan meets repetitive workout.” This system is intentionally designed to help you achieve what you REALLY want...lasting results in a body you canFEEL good in.

Why is the 30 Day Slimdown is our #1 selling starter product?

  1. You’ll see a noticeable difference in your overall health, energy level, muscle tone and physical appearance.
  2. You’ll shed destructive habits and emotional patterns
  3. You’ll learn to identify self-sabotaging behaviors
  4. You’ll look AND feel good
  5. You’ll have the tools, motivation and inspiration to commit to this empowering lifestyle beyond 30 days

 Within days of removing grains and dairy from your diet you’ll start to notice a difference in the way your body FEELS and LOOKS. Chronic symptoms will fade away and be replaced with abundant energy, healthy digestion will replace bloating and constipation and most of all -it will feel effortless.

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