Online Hotcore® Certification


DURATION: 6 Hours Online + 3 Weeks to Demo @ Home



April 9th, 2022 [8 am - 2 pm PST]

June 4th, 2022 [8 am - 2 pm EST]

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About HotCore Certification:

Combine strength & grace into an intense 30-minute workout that deeply tones & challenges the entire body. Hotcore is our most core-centric format, encompassed almost entirely by floor work. Creative sequencing, next-level core engagement & micro-movements combine with moments of sweet relief in restorative asana. 

  • Access deeper levels of core strength + control
  • Tone the core on all planes of motion with the Spiral Structure Technique
  • Learn to leverage fluid drag in creative floor sequencing
  • Safely tuck the pelvis and spine to achieve deeper activation

 Expand Your Teaching + Movement Toolbelt

This 1-day certification offers instructors an "add-on" class to boost their Buti Yoga marketability. Each class fits into a 30-minute class slot offering students convenient fat-burning workouts that maximize functional core strength + prevent injury. This class style is ideal to increase your student demographic + attract students otherwise intimidated by traditional Buti classes. With your knowledge + love for the practice of Buti Yoga, you will be able to seamlessly transition these students into a complete practice.


HotCore® is a 30-minute class that utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique® to engage the deep muscles of the core. Broken into pre-sequenced sets to maximize muscle toning, look + functionality, HotCore® is the perfect add-on class for students looking to enhance core strength or push the limits of their yoga practice.

Students practice in socks to facilitate fluid “drag” or friction creating resistance. The majority of movements in HotCore® build deep core strength best accessed through an exaggerated tucking of the pelvis and intentional rounding of the spine. In between sets, students move to restorative yoga asanas to stretch and lengthen. Most HotCore® classes consist of 4-5 pre-set sequences at the discretion + timing of the instructor. HotCore® classes can be taught in non-heated and heated rooms alike, with heat ranging from 80-95. 

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