2022 Dare2Bare Challenge - Details

Welcome to our 2022 #DARE2BARECHALLENGE! 

We love our community and it inspires us all at Buti HQ to follow along on your journey to become your best self. We’re so glad that you’re showing up for YOU and taking time to love yourself now. 

For each day of the #DARE2BARECHALLENGE you'll need to complete the following:

1. Complete the daily challenge and post to Instagram.

2. Tag @butimvmnt and @goldenrationutrition + use the hashtag #DARE2BARECHALLENGE.

Bonus: For extra visibility, share your post to your story, tag all sponsors and use our hashtag.

3. Make sure your Instagram profile is set to public so we can see your posts!

All of this hard work, mindfulness and quest to show yourself some love is not for nothing. If you stick to your plan and post each of the 7 days, four lucky winners win epic prizes including gift cards to Buti Yoga + Golden Ratio Nutrition, BUTI MVMNT certification of your choice and a one year subscription to Buti TV!

Below are the details for each day of the challenge. Prep your grocery list over the weekend + be ready for a nourishing (and fun) week of radically loving yourself. Also, keep an eye on your inbox, sms or both for our daily reminders each morning once the challenge starts on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022.

Here’s what you can expect for each day of #DARE2BARECHALLENGE

*Workouts on Buti TV will be live starting midnight MST on June 21st*


Who are you, really? What makes you distinctly YOU? Here at Buti, we value our collective for the wide array of individuals that comprise us. We encourage each member of our community to root fully into their individuality & to aim to become the most embodied, unique + authentic version of themselves. 

Buti helps you tap into the deepest parts of who you really are- it awakens your inner fire. Show us your shameless selfie today + share with the world – what makes you uniquely YOU?

BUTI TV WORKOUT: Tone 369 with Bizzie Gold


Today is simple! Show us how you leave it all on that mat. Don’t let running mascara, flushed cheeks or sweat in your eyes stop you. One member of our online community told us she went so hard in a Buti workout that she sweat her fake eyelashes off. That’s what we’re looking for here, Buti fam- no holds barred. Show us a pic of you and/or your sweat (whether it’s left behind on our mat or all over your face) + let us know how your workout went.

BUTI TV WORKOUT: Tone 406 with Ceara Caisido


What’s the feature you find yourself judging or getting stuck in a negative thought pattern about? What do you currently do when you catch yourself in a downward spiral over it? Do you let it consume you or do you have a plan to pull yourself out? For today’s post, show us a pic of what needs more love. We challenge you to practice mindfully loving this part of you more. 

BUTI TV WORKOUT: DEEP 22 with Heather Phillips


Share a pic + tag someone who TRULY inspires you on InstagramThe world of social media can be a difficult place to navigate– often we compare ourselves to others + end up feeling drained or less than rather than uplifted + encouraged. Tell us (also, tell them!)– who do you follow here on the ‘gram who actually inspires + uses their platform to positively impact, influence and build up? 

NO WORKOUT TODAY! Enjoy a rest.


Loving yourself now means looking down at your feet on the scale and being kind to yourself. Smash your scale today – mindfully, of course. OK, you don’t have to get destructive, but wouldn’t it be satisfying to at least destroy the mindset that you can be quantified by a number? There is a time + place for metrics, but it’s definitely worth asking: do you use a scale- or is the scale using you?

Today we also ask you- what routines or practices make you feel truly great in your body? (Hint: if nothing comes to mind, keep showing up here!) For today’s post, show us a pic or video of the routines/practices that help you to show your body love. Also, if anyone out there is looking to literally smash their scale, we’re here for it.

BUTI TV WORKOUT: Tone 329 with Deanna Lindley


We DARE you to bare it all in your bikini for one full hour doing daily tasks around the house. Vacuum. Do laundry. MOVE. Just be careful frying bacon. Today’s the day to remember this- everyone’s skin moves, bends + folds. It doesn’t make you any less beautiful. Grab a time-lapse video or a quick selfie to share on the gram – include how you felt in your bikini doing mundane tasks in your caption. We want to hear all about it!

BUTI TV WORKOUT: Tone 404 with Emily Bowers


This is the “after” edition. Whether you started this challenge to feel better in your skin, build confidence, or as a jump start toward your fitness goals, we are all finishing together as a supportive community. We are proud of you & hope you are proud of yourselves for completing this 7 day commitment. Show us your shameless selfie number and in today’s caption, share your transformation. How are you feeling after 7 days of radically loving yourself? 

BUTI TV WORKOUT: DEEP 36 with Tiffany Baskett


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