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You are officially registered for the #25DAYSOFBUTI Challenge.


This challenge is meant to inspire creativity in your pose variations as well as get you thinking about photo composition. Each challenge day has a prompt that must be completed along with the picture of the day. You are welcome [+ encouraged] to choose a creative variation of the pose. In the past, participants have also made flow videos and chose the still for the IG tile as the pose of the day. Good luck + we are excited to see the creativity that comes out of this year's challenge.

Here's How to Participate [+ WIN]

1. RESHAREthe Challenge Post from @butiyoga to your Instagram + TAG 5 people you want to participate in the challenge

2. FOLLOW YOUR SPONSORS:@butiyoga @movenkd @goldenrationutrition  @stayalfred @simplejaneco @beadchicboutique @thesoulfulfairy and FOLLOW YOUR HOSTS:  @swhite.movement  @antonyoga11 @buti_savage @nanimoves @rise.lorelei.rose 

3. POST YOUR DAILY PROMPT TO YOUR IG ACCOUNT [must be public]: View each day's pose below or from your challenge hosts. Post your pose to Instagram each day of the challenge to be eligible for prizes (begin by December 5th). Don’t forget to tag your sponsors and hosts in each post.

4. FINAL DAY = BUTI FLOW:Show your creativity + share your own unique Buti flow on a video or timelapse on December 25th. 

5. WINNERSwill be announced on New Year’s Eve.


Day 1: Ardha Parsvottanasana - What do you love most about yourself and what areas of your life need MORE LOVE? - @swhite.movement

Day 2: Vrksanasa - What helps you feel grounded? Your challenge today is to choose a Vrksasana variation out in nature. Pick a tree, pick a rock - but get outside and show us your Tree pose. - @rise.lorelei.rise

Day 3: Navasana - How does yoga fuel what you are most passionate about in life? - @buti_savage

Day 4: Anjaneyasana - What keeps you coming back to your mat? - @nanimoves

Day 5: Bhuajangasana - What makes you feel like the most authentic version of yourself? - @swhite.movement

Day 6: Malasana - Time to get primal. Today's challenge is to drum and connect with the energy of the Earth in your malasana pose. Get your hair flying and tap into your WILD. - @antonyoga11

Day 7: Ardha Chandrasana - What makes you feel confident? - @rise.lorelei.rise

Day 8: Vashisthasana-  What areas of your life require more support? Where are you in need of asking for help or guidance? - @buti_savage

Day 9: Alanasana - What is the most important part of your daily routine + WHY? @nanimoves

Day 10: Natarajasana - We all have that one dress. It's the one we make up excuses to wear or imagine ourselves dancing around in it. Today is your official excuse to grab the dress and show us your Dancer Pose. - @buti_savage

Day 11: Virabhadrasana II -What needs more love? - @swhite.movement

Day 12: Ardha Pincha Mayurasana - Where is your favorite place on Earth? - @rise.lorelei.rise

Day 13: Garudasana - My biggest inspiration is _______. - @buti_savage

Day 14: Plank Stack - Time to get your family involved. How many kids and family members can you [safely] stack on your plank. Bonus points for #outtakes - @nanimoves

Day 15: Rajakapotasana - I move because _____. @antonyoga11

Day 16: Dhanurasana - Share your favorite quote - @swhite.movement

Day 17: Utkatakonasana - At Buti, we believe in taking our practice off the mat and out into the real world. Your challenge today is to find a stranger, introduce yourself and get them to hit your goddess pose with you for the 'gram. - @rise.lorelei.rise

Day 18: Ustrasana - What is your greatest support system? - @buti_savage

Day 19: Arm Balance of Choice - Tell us why you chose this arm balance - @nanimoves

Day 20: Upavistha Konasana - Describe your perfect day - @swhite.movement

Day 21: Urdhva Dhanurasana - What has been your greatest lesson, or biggest victory in 2019? - @rise.lorelei.rise

Day 22: Padangusthasana (Toestand variation of choice)- Do you believe in finding balance in life? What does balance mean to you?- @buti_savage

Day 23: Camatkarasana - LOVE bomb time, tag someone (or as many people) who you want to let know that they matter in your life - @nanimoves

Day 24: Inversion of Your Choice - Share your 2020 goals, on and off the mat - @antonyoga11

Day 25: Create your own flow video or timelapse - How has the #25daysofbuti challenge inspired you - all HOSTS