If 6 formats are not the right commitment for your journey, we get that too! Mix + match within the 5 certifications to build your perfect lineup of Buti bliss + soulful sweating. Within a span of 7 consecutive days, Buti Yoga, Primal Flow, DEEP, Sculpt + Bands and HotCore are offered to get the most out of your commitment to personal + professional Buti expansion. But keep in mind, the more certs you take, the more you save.

In the 7-Day Immersion you will:

  • Become certified in 5 formats including Buti Yoga, Primal Flow, DEEP, Sculpt + Bands and HotCore
  • Become a more confident teacher
  • Learn to blend intuitive and structured sequencing into your classes
  • Design the perfectly balanced class for awakening both Shakti (feminine) and Shiva (masculine) energy
  • Learn to sequence movement with breath (Salutations)
  • Learn to build anatomically intentional sequences
  • Dive deeper into functional anatomy
  • Infuse traditional asanas with primal movements
  • Learn the Art of Adjustments and Assists
  • Learn the proper instruction for the specific modalities
  • Be taught/review the benefits of HIIT training
  • Learn the proper placement of the resistant band for targeted muscles
  • Focus on important anatomy + physiology through dynamic movements + static poses
  • Practice injury prevention techniques through various movements + poses
  • Adjust to proper modification based on limitations + fitness level
  • Create effective pre-set class sequencing
  • Learn the most effective approach to engage the deep core muscles while practicing the Spiral Structure Technique
  • Learn how to structure the 4-5 pre-set sequences
  • Utilize all planes of motion while applying the Spiral Structure Technique®
  • Learn to leverage fluid drag in creative floor sequencing
  • Practice safe tucking of the pelvis and spine to achieve deeper activation
  • Be taught to maximize functional core strength to prevent injury
  • Learn to access deeper levels of core strength + control the tone the core
  • Test + demo with a Master Trainer

Who it’s for:

  • Instructors and practicing Butisattva
  • Those new to the Buti community and those who have been loyal Butisattvas for years
  • Those looking to expand their knowledge base on a personal + professional level
  • Instructors who desire growth within their professional outreach

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