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Who we are

We have been celebrating self-love and embracing the sweat since 2010. WIth one of our goals to create a well-balanced fitness approach, in 2016 we began developing and implementing other formats into our offerings to enhance + complement the Buti Yoga practice. Later that year, we launched our first Certified Teacher Training to push forward in our mission to expand the MVMNT. In March 2020, Buti TV was launched as a virtual platform to connect with Butisattvas from across the globe. With thousands of subscribers, we stream a variety of pre-recorded workouts weekly. In January of 2022, we introduced our Certified Studio Program and have since added 5 studios to the Buti fam.

Presently, Buti offers 7 formats available through in-person studio classes, online platforms and a variety of teacher trainings. Our devoted community has expanded to over 27 countries setting ablaze the worldwide phenomenon of sweating with intention.  As we move forward in our commitment to create a positive + intentional global impact, we look to extend our reach within our in-person and online communities.

Our Mission

At Buti we believe that all humans have the power to sustainably transform their bodies—and their lives, from the inside out. Buti's mission is to cultivate an environment that allows each individual to tap into the energy from within through wild liberating movements. Drawing on primal energy and movement to nurture the mind, body and soul. Buti encourages individuals to find themselves and the secret cure we all contain within by not limiting the practice to the mat or the studio. We are committed to the creation of an empowered community who support each other in their individual pursuits of health and happiness both on and off the mat.

Our Vision

We envision a world where individuals come together to move with intention without judgement and leave the mat feeling empowered and a part of something bigger than themselves.

On and off the mat we are committed to creating comfortable, genuine connection and supportive community in a world that is both hyperconnected —and more disconnected than ever.

Expand from the Mat and Beyond

At Buti MVMNT our values reflect our practice. Community, good vibes, self-love, and acceptance are bits of what we believe sets life on fire. We let those principles guide us on the mat and beyond, crafting the life we lead.

Core Values

  • Build the world you want to live in
  • You can only lead others as far as you've led yourself.
  • The greatest gift you can give, is the gift of unwavering friendship
  • One can only be as spiritual as they are grounded
  • True leaders don't create followers - they create more leaders

Learn more about Buti MVMNT and all that we offer our community through products, workshops, classes, teacher trainings and more. 

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