Find your Beat. Then Become it.

Find your Beat. Then Become it.

It’s time to let your decisions reveal YOUR DREAMS, instead of your fears. Do you feel the call? The call to experience more Buti inspiration, knowledge, and deep transformative energy. We have created a community inspired teaching platform for you to evolve on a deep interpersonal level and become leaders within the Buti community- and your own. Whether you want to dial up your practice, become more Buti savvy or add an extra stream of revenue to your lifestyle, our selection of 6 format certifications + 200-HR YTT will get you there. This is your chance to trust the process and bring your teaching dreams into your reality, the Buti way.

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Music guides Buti® classes like an internal GPS - no more 8 counts or reps.  The beat blended movement forces you out of your head and INTO YOUR BODY. It is in THIS magical place that you integrate your human experience instead of escaping it. Buti incorporates elements of shaking + vibration to help release stored trauma and stimulate cellular reorganization.

We Create More Leaders

Benefits of Being Certified:

  • Build your community
  • Deepen your practice
  • Tailor your teachings to a more specific practice and student base 
  • Gain useful knowledge to complement other teaching formats
  • Add new formats to your repertoire or begin your Buti journey
  • Add another form of revenue to your lifestyle
  • Join our cause (in a greater capacity) to create a global impact through movement

During Certification You Will:

  • Explore musicality and find a freer, organic flow on your mat
  • Master static shake, dynamic asana & releasing movements that define Buti
  • Practice sequencing classes that take your students to "Buti Bliss"
  • Experience true camaraderie and learn to create it in your classroom
  • Delve deeper into the Spiral Structure Technique™

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There was a power in the air and smiles everywhere. I didn't know women could come together like that and move and feel and sweat and share and cry, while working out and feeling good and having fun!

Misa D

Buti is everything I was looking for! I am always looking forward to my workouts, which helps me to reconnect better than any other workouts I tried.

Dalia G

I absolutely adore this practice. I appreciate all the movement and all the knowledge it has brought to my life. it may not be your basic yoga practice but it surely is the cure that is hidden within. The static shake and the sst are my faves.

Christie S


The ultimate high intensity full-body + mind expression. This rhythm-based workout is an intuitive vinyasa that combines spirals, twists, primal movements, vibrations and muscle buildout for a total mind, body + soul transformation. As the foundation to all other Buti formats, this is the perfect starting point to begin your Buti journey.

What you'll learn
The certification is for you if:


This low-intensity format centers on the mind + body connection by slowing down — serving as the perfect complement to Buti Yoga. Focusing on the core, DEEP incorporates self-massage, spirals, pulsing and shaking to promote the release of trauma through stored energy in the body + mind

What you'll learn
The certification is for you if:

Primal Flow

Through a more structured + traditional vinyasa approach, Primal Flow focuses on releasing + becoming grounded through primal movements and individual expressions. As a pre-sequenced format that flows through salutations (and emotions), the format guides you to connect with your divine feminine + masculine energy.

What you'll learn
The certification is for you if:

Bands + Sculpt Certification

This 2-day intensive certification combines Buti Bands + Buti Sculpt formats to maximize your certification (and your sweat). With 2 high intensity formats, this is a great “add on” option for instructors aiming to reach a broader Buti audience.

What you'll learn
The certification is for you if:


HotCore requires socks to increase the drag + resistance to target your deep core muscles and get your heart (and soul) pumping. With heavy core and shoulder work through a series of planks + quadruped movements, the interval-based sequence (40/20) prioritizes a balanced class through challenging movements and recovery poses.

What you'll learn
The certification is for you if:


This flow is a low-intensity intuitive vinyasa centered on slowing down in your dynamic movements. Unlike Buti Yoga there is no cardio in this flow, but the shaking and spiraling is very much still present for this hour long practice.

What you'll learn
The certification is for you if:
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