Beginner Series


Scroll below for tips on a safe & powerful practice.
Then push play & let's get moving.



1. Engage Core

Squeeze your belly towards the spine to engage your core.

2. Spiral Tight

Always spiral in small, circles with your core engaged.

3. Let Go 

Some movements will feel foreign at first. Keep showing up.



Follow a step-by-step video breakdown of yoga poses below 



Buti isn't a trendy way of spelling “booty”. 

Although...practicing Buti will give you a nice one.

Buti means “an answer hidden beneath the surface & kept secret”

Keep showing up for your workouts. 

 You’re on your way to experiencing what we call Buti Bliss.
It’s the perfect combination of sweat, oxytocin and endorphins.  
You’ll know it when you feel it.