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Buti Flow with Shawnna 04/26
Buti with Shawnna April1
Cardio Buti with Shawnna 
Buti with Joan
Buti Flow with Serena March1
90s Buti with Serena and Shawnna
Buti Flow with Shawnna March1
Beginner Buti with Shawnna and Cliff
Cardio Buti with Serena March1
Family Friendly Buti Flow with Shawnna 
Cardio Buti with Serena April1
Living Room Buti with Shawnna 
Buti Flow with Serena March
Throwback Buti with Shawnna 
Buti Flow with Shawnna March2
Intermediate Buti with Serena
2000s Club Buti Flow with Serena
Buti with Shawnna March
Buti Flow with Shawnna April
Hips/Crow Buti with Shawnna
Buti with Shawnna March2
Buti Flow with Shawnna March3
Sunshine Buti with Shawnna & Laura
Beats Only Buti with Serena 0429
Beginner Buti with Shawnna May
Buti Flow with Serena May 6
Buti Flow with Serena Zoom1
Buti Yoga with Serena Zoom May12
Buti Beginners Workshop
Short Buti with Shawnna 05/22
Buti Flow Zoom with Serena 5/22
Zoom Beginner Buti with Shawnna 5/22
Buti Yoga with Joan 5/31
Vinyasa with Shawnna 06/10
Vinyasa with Serena 06/10
Buti with Serena 06/10
Buti Flow with Serena 06/10
Vinyasa with Shawnna 06/11
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