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1/08/21 Buti Waning moon 
11/27/20- Buti Yoga Full Moon
2/5/21 Buti Yoga Waxing Moon
1/22/21- Almost a Full Moon Buti Party 

1/15/21- New Moon Buti Yoga
1/9/21- Buti Express

1/29/21- Full Moon Womens Circle Buti

12/8/20 Primal Flow- Standing Hand to Foot

12/20/20-Winter Solstice Slow Flow
1/30/21 Primal Flow - Dancer

1/26/21- Full Moon Dance - Yang & Yin (Spine)

1/10/21-Moon Salute-Yang and Yin (shoulder)

Buti Express 2/9/21

Buti Feel Good Vibez 2/10/21

Just Yin- heart openers 2/11/21
New moon Buti 2/12/21

Primal Flow- Revolved Dancer- 2/13/21

Yang & mostly Yin 2/14/21

Buti Express 2/16/21
It's Almost A Full Moon Party Buti- 2/19/21
Buti Express 2/23/21
Buti 2/24/21
Full Moon womens buti circle 2/26/21
Buti 3/2/21
Buti 3/3/21
Fri-yay Buti 3/5
Primal Flow Candy Cane 3/6
Buti Techno Express 3/9
3/14 Yang/Yin New Moon Women's Circle
3/31 Buti Yoga- Out of Body Flow
Hot Vibes April 10
Freedom Flow April 13
Afro Buti Yoga April 14
Buti Yoga April 21
Rest & Restore April 22nd
Buti Yoga April 28 

Afro & Reggae Primal Flow May 1 (Standing Hand to Foot)
Primal Slow Flow 4/10 New Moon (Tree Peak)
May 3/21 -Primal Flow Twisted Hand to Foot
Buti Yoga 5/14/21
May/10/21- Slow Flow New Moon Primal Flow Tree
Buti express 5/20 Afro Bass (Beginner)
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