This Year's Grand Prizes:

1st Prize - $500 Gift Card
2nd Prize-$300 Gift Card
3rd Prize- $150 Gift Card
Valid On: Buti Yoga, NKD Activewear and Golden Ratio Nutrition

Winners announced on New Years Eve!


  • Follow each of thechallenge sponsors: @ButiYoga, @MoveNKD, @GoldenRatioNutrition on Instagram.
  • Look for the#25DAYSOFBUTI Announcement Post andrepostto yourpublic Instagram.
  • Each day's post include a pose & prompt for you to answer.
  • Post your photo of the posefor the day- creativity counts! Be surenotto skip posts if you want to be eligible for prizes. 
  • Prizes will be announced, and winners will be chosen by December 31st—to be announced on the @butiyoga Instagram.
  • Grand prizes will be chosen onDecember 31st! 


Post Pose & Prompt Daily to Instagram with #25DaysOfButi

DEC 1ST - Ardha Parsvottanasana

What do you love most about yourself?

DEC 2ND-Vrksasana

What helps you feel grounded? Your challenge today is to choose a Vrksasana variation out in nature. Pick a tree, pick a rock - but get outside and show us your Tree pose.

DEC 3RD-Navasana

How does yoga fuel what you are most passionate about in life?

DEC 4TH- Anjaneyasana

What keeps you coming back to your mat?

DEC 5TH-Bhujangasana

What makes you happy?

DEC 6TH- Malasana

Time to get primal. Today's challenge is to drum and connect with the energy of the Earth in your malasana pose. Get your hair flying and tap into your WILD.

DEC 7TH- Ardha Chandrasana

What makes you feel confident?

DEC 8TH-Vasisthasana

What does being strong mean to you?

DEC 9TH- Alanasana

Get Outside...Again! We know it is the middle of Winter, but fresh air does wonders for the soul. Show us your creative alanasana back in nature. Just Breathe.

DEC 10TH-Natrajasana

We all have that one outfit. It's the one we make up excuses to wear or imagine ourselves dancing around in it. Today is your official excuse to grab that funky outfit and show us your Dancer Pose.

DEC 11TH- Virabhadrasana II

What needs more love?

DEC 12TH- Ardha Pincha Mayurasana

Where is your favorite place on this earth

DEC 13TH-Garudasana
My biggest inspiration is _______.
DEC 14TH-Plank Stack
Time to get your family involved. How many kids and family members can you [safely] stack on your plank. Bonus points for #outtakes
DEC 15TH- Rajakapotasana
I move because _____.
DEC 16TH- Dhanurasana
Share your favorite quote.
DEC 17TH- Utkatakonasana
At Buti, we believe in taking our practice off the mat and out into the real world. Do something nice for another human today.
DEC 18TH- Ustrasana
What is your greatest support system?
DEC 19TH-Arm Balance of Choice
Do you believe in finding the balance in life? What does balance mean to you?
DEC 20TH- Upavistha Konasana
Describe your perfect day.
DEC 21ST- Urdhva Dhanurasana
What has been your greatest lesson, or biggest victory in 2020?
DEC 22ND-Padangusthasana (toestand variation of choice)
What motivates you to keep on keepin' on?
DEC 23RD- Camatkarasana
LOVE bomb time, tag someone (or as many people) who you want to let know that they matter in your life.
DEC 24TH- Inversion of Choice
Share your 2021 goals, on and off the mat
DEC 25TH-Flow including poses from the 24 days
How has the #25daysofbuti challenge inspired you

🎁This is a LONG challenge and it takes commitment to see each day through, figure out how to execute the pose of the day, answer the daily prompt AND take your picture! This year we will be choosing a variety of PRIZE WINNERS based on participation, artistic presentation, form + overall challenge commitment.