Turn Your Momentum into Magic

Turn Your Momentum into Magic

Let the magic of forward movement propel you into our epic Buti classroom vibes. In an ideal studio-forward setting, the Buti teaching space is full of uplifting information + inspiration. With our Continued Education intensive weekend, you will gain invaluable and applicable Buti techniques, tools and philosophies to expand your knowledge base and increase your confidence as a teacher and as a Butisattva. The 2-day program will include six 90-minute workshops, two master classes, personal and professional reflection + uplifting interaction with the Buti community. The coursework provides the knowledge to advance your personal practice and the resources to effectively structure and lead your classes. It’s time to build on your knowledge, confidence + energy of all things Buti.

Where Coursework Becomes a Life-Changer

There was a power in the air and smiles everywhere. I didn't know women could come together like that and move and feel and sweat and share and cry, while working out and feeling good and having fun!

Misa D

Buti is everything I was looking for! I am always looking forward to my workouts, which helps me to reconnect better than any other workouts I tried.

Dalia G

I absolutely adore this practice. I appreciate all the movement and all the knowledge it has brought to my life. it may not be your basic yoga practice but it surely is the cure that is hidden within. The static shake and the sst are my faves.

Christie S

In Continued Education you will:

  • Learn about anatomy + its relation
  • to injury prevention 
  • Learn about the positive benefits 
  • how to incorporate various rhythm-based moves

Who it’s for:

  • Instructors or practicing Butisattva
  • Those new to the Buti community and those who have been loyal Butisattvas for years
  • Although Buti Yoga Certification is recommended, it is not a requirement for participation in Continued Education

Sample Schedule

DAY 1 you will focus on:

Workshop #1: Fascia/Anatomy + Injury Prevention with Tiffany Basket

 Dance Workshop with Emily Gonzalez Workshop 

Creative Sequencing + Muscle Burn Out with Britt Hodgen

Master Class #1

DAY 2 you will focus on:

Workshop #4: Goddess Workshop with Emily Gonzalez Workshop 

#5: Q+A with Master Trainers Workshop

 #6: Contemporary-ISH + Floorwork with Britt Hodgen + Tiffany Baskett Master Class #2Typography

Master Class #2

Buti Is Calling. You Should Answer.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards expanding your knowledge and gaining certification, book your teacher training now.

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