Dare 2 Bare Day 10

Another workout from our TONE subscription. Enjoy the Buti Bliss ladies!

Dare2Bare Day 9

Enjoy this workout from our TONE subscription. To my left is Leanne Shearer, our Director of Teacher Training and to my right is Josie Sprague, our head of customer service. Now you can put a face to name when you call customer service. Enjoy ladies.

Dare2Bare Day 8

This was the SWEATIEST class I've ever taught in my life. TRUE we were practicing in an infrared sauna but the DEEP ABDOMINAL activation was ON POINT. I know a few of you wish my cueing was louder (I feel ya) but there is simply nothing like a LIVE class. Our online workout subscriptions do offer these LIVE classes as well but also offer over 175 full-length high production workouts too! So - fear not - we have enough Buti to last you a lifetime. Enjoy this workout. It'll leave you breathless in the BEST way.

Dare2Bare Day 7

LIVE from Dallas Teacher Training: This class is LONG but intensely OPENING. It's the perfect class to cultivate the vulnerability to go INWARD with your Directed Storytelling® workbook. Enjoy it. I know I cried like a baby in savasana. Love you brave beauties!

Dare2Bare Day 6

How are you feeling so far? Today's workout is another LIVE class stream shot in Portland, Oregon. Make sure you've got your water on deck; we'll be kicking off this weekend right + sweating it out for about 90 minutes. Enjoy!

Dare2Bare Day 5 (LIVE Tone 178 with Bizzie Gold)

So you've seen me teach you in my bedroom with no space at all. Let's step your game up a touch to a LIVE class I taught in Portland OR. Throughout the 14 days you'll get a mix of workouts from my bedroom that are more personal to LIVE filmed workouts from group classes and of course our world-famous TONE videos from our online subscription. Our TONE subscription offers a little bit of everything and by a little bit I mean over 100 HOURS of Buti Yoga workouts. I hope you enjoy it!

Dare2Bare Day 4 (Tone 115 with Bizzie Gold)

You've made it to day 4! I know it's hard to stop when you're feeling the momentum of how amazing you feel—but REST days are important, too. As a general rule, we recommend practicing Buti 3 days on, followed by 1 day off. So: today is your rest day. That being said, if you feel like you HAVE to move—here's Tone #115—taken straight from our Online Tone Subscription! Whether you take it easy, or practice today—enjoy, ladies!

Dare2Bare Day 3: Engaging the Deep Core

Get ready to dig deep with core engagement techniques. This video teaches you how to activate the inner unit core + "zip up" your belly along with a few other funny musings of a mama with 2 kids.

Dare 2 Bare Day 2

This workout comes with a few DISCLAIMERS: 1) If you hear me say engage your "milkshake" and you're not sure what I'm talking about - be sure to check out the video BELOW. 2) My Lululemon Mulabandhawear started riding up a little high during my workout. I figure we are ALL ladies here. This is a closed group and y'all have lady parts too! I know a bunch of you workout at home in your undies - so - don't say I didn't warn you it gets a little up close and personal. LOL. Love you ladies and enjoy your workout!

Dare 2 Bare Day 1

Workout #01 is 55 minutes of non-stop SWEAT. Remember to not just LISTEN to my cues but to actively APPLY them to your body mechanics. We are all on this journey together. I've been in the midst of moving and making a ton of changes in my life that had me STRESSED OUT. This 14 day challenge, you'll be watching my body transform right along with yours. Stick with it. It will absolutely pay off and then you will always have a workout that makes you SMILE and GET EXCITED.