Enjoy this 90 min Master Class recorded LIVE at our Master Trainer Retreat a few weeks ago. Remember, if you're just starting out this class should be viewed as a highlight reel for WHERE you can take your practice NOT a tool to make yourself feel bad right before the holidays. I've seen all skill levels, body types and mindsets come into the practice scared, unsure and down on themselves only to eventually push past every roadblock and succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Try this class. Even if you have to stop 100x - try this class to see where you can take this practice if you commit and if you need a Beginner-Focused series to help you build up, start with my RISE BEGINNER SERIES by clicking here.

Our LIVE classes are not recorded the same way as our Online Streaming Subscription, so if you find yourself getting frustrated with the audio or the angle, try one of our professionally filmed, multi-camera angle, high-quality audio ONLINE MEMBERSHIP workouts here.

'Tis the season for transformation and we have so much transformation in store for the 2019 year. I'll be posting an important BLOG this afternoon that will serve as a line drawn in the sand to indicate WHERE we are going, WHY and HOW we're going to do it. I'll also be introducing some exciting NEW YTT staff additions as well as a bit of info on our 300 HR YTT launching in February.

I am looking forward to a magical 2019 where we can truly take our practice and community to an entirely new level. I am committed to being more present than ever before with the practice and in the leadership role of guiding the Master Training staff to make our 2019 trainings our best yet.


Happy Holidays to ALL of you. I am grateful that we are all connected <3

xo, Mama B

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