4 Days of Actionable Self-Love with Buti

Move - Nourish - Inquire

❤️ You are worthy. Right now. ❤️

Step 1: Read that again. 

You don't need to be anywhere other than where you are to awaken the self-love we all seem to be looking for. 

Self-Love: we talk about it often, but how do we actually cultivate it in our daily lives? 

Like most...okay...all opportunities for growth, it takes more than intention - action is required. Self-Love starts with loving self-action.

When you think of movement, what comes to mind? Is it words like freedom, clarity + awakening your inner fire? Or more like: painful, mind-numbing punishment? If working out feels like a chore to drag yourself out of bed for - you're in the right place. 

When you think of self-inquiry. what comes to mind? Is it just another chance to be hard on yourself? You won't get far with self-judgement - but awareness + compassion can work wonders. 

We'll also send you a handful of our favorite paleo (re: anti-inflammatory) recipes to nourish your body - just for fun. Turns out, feeling good starts in the gut. 

Starting Valentines day, join us for 4 days of Movement + Inquiry.  Share daily posts to Instagram, and be considered to win 1 of 3 prizes. 

Welcome to the Love Yourself Now Challenge ❤️