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Welcome to Summer Semester 2021

Course Objective: 

Upon successful completion of this 8 week course students will be able to quantify the “magic” of Buti into alchemical processes that move, transform and clarify the internal emotional experience. Students learn to break out of teaching ruts created by brain and injury patterns. By the end of the course, students will understand the creation mechanism of their repetitive movement patterns and how to break out of the habit using movement alchemy deeply rooted in the elementals. The students will approach their knowledge of the elements in a holistic way that goes far beyond the current understanding of them simply as energy. Students will dig deeply into each element and its corresponding alchemical actions to create healing practices that quite literally create medicine within the body. Upon graduation, students will be able to apply these principles and techniques in their personal practice and approach to group classes. 


Facilitators: Bizzie Gold - Lead Teacher, Emily Bowers + Aubrey Amborn - Assistant Teachers

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Downloadable Documents

Click each document to download from Dropbox. To download or print from Dropbox window, click the 3 horizontal dots to reveal the download option. You can print from the PDF you've downloaded. 


Summer Semester Syllabus

MWE: Origin Pt.1

MWE: Origin Pt. 2

MWE: Air

MWE: Pivot

Introduction to TCM

TCM + Meridian Flow Manual

MWE: Fire

MWE: Water

MWE: Earth

MWE: Aether 

Video Lectures

Please watch lectures in order and be sure to have the corresponding PDF document ready to review alongside the video. We will have 1 LIVE Q+A lecture this semester on August 26th from 3-4pm. All other videos are pre-recorded and can be watched as it fits into your schedule. There is a suggested course pace outlined in the course syllabus under Downloadable Documents tab. All homework assignments are given during the video lecture and are also written in the course syllabus.


You can register for our LIVE Q+A on 8/26 from 3-4pm PST by clicking here.


Origin Pt. 1

Origin Pt. 2




TCM / 8 Principles


TCM Principles Continued + Fire



 MWE: Q+A, Demo Discussion + More




 Final Demo Instructions will be given closer to the end of the course along with Zoom links for the 2 sessions.

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