Freedom - how can you find more Freedom in your life? In your movement? In your diet? 


Monthly Goals

Create extra space and develop a better relationship with food and digestion




Meatless Monday – pick one day that you go without meat to give yourself a break and create more resourcefulness. Many notice an increase in energy and it teaches you to make vegetables the spotlight of your meals. See the recipes below for inspiration.


Daily Food Breaks – 12 Hour break from last meal until following day’s first meal

This gives your digestive system a break so that in can utilize energy for detoxification and fat burning.


New Recipe and cooking methods – New can be your new favorite. See the guide below in combination with scratch cooking guide to try some entrees.


Daily Movement – Let’s commit to a movement goal daily. Think about OTM Opportunities to Move. Park further away, take calls while you go for a walk. Walk for 10 mins after each meal.


Morning Mindfulness – Some say they are too busy to meditate where these are the people that need it most. A mindful minute, breathe meditation, or body scan goes a long for creating focused energy and clarity.


This can be an opportunity to go over your mantra, journal, or try out a free meditation app such as: Calm, Insight timer, or headspace.


✅ 1 Salad  - Mix of raw or lightly steamed veggies (fiber, blood sugar support, phytonutrients, and satiety)


✅ 1 Shake  – Veggies + Protein + fiber (berries, avocado, or seeds)


✅ 100+ oz of water daily (10oz before and after each meal)


+  list of habits to try out.