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WELCOME to Refining the Toolkit

Please register for each of the webinars below. Each registration link will grant you access to lecture content. All sessions are recorded. Recordings typically post to this page within 12 hours of LIVE lecture recording. You are encouraged to attend as many of the lectures LIVE as possible to ask questions and help direct the content toward areas you each feel you need expansion or refinement.


For tech or admin questions, please email: and Danny can help answer / solve any issues that arise between the start of the course and final exams.


Please be sure to join our CLOSED Facebook group for important updates and to introduce yourself to the staff so that we can better assist you. Request access here:

Intro to A&P


Intro to Fascia


Intro to Energetic Anatomy 

Movement A+P


Exploring the Fascia


Chakra Diagnostics

Movement A+P 2


Final Exam Prep
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