Refining the Toolkit With Bizzie Summer 2018 // Lecture Content

WELCOME to Refining Your Toolbox With Bizzie

Please register for each of the webinars below. Each registration link will grant you access to the LIVE webinar and pre-recorded videos will be available immediately. If you are unable to attend a webinar LIVE, a recording will post to this page within 12 hours. You are encouraged to attend as many of the lectures LIVE as possible to ask questions and help direct the content toward areas you each feel you need expansion or refinement. 

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1. Welcome Webinar

2. Intro to Energetic Anatomy

3. Manual + Alignment Review

4. Intro to A+P

Intro to Fascia

6. Exploring Fascia 


7. Introduction to Chakra Diagnostics ** remember this is part of a lecture series from last semester's BREAK session. The homework does not apply to you or the dates discussed at the end of the lecture.

 8. Movement A&P II