Refining the Toolkit With Bizzie Summer 2018 // Lecture Content

WELCOME to Refining Your Toolbox With Bizzie

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You will have 90 minutes to take the exam. The test is a combination of multiple choice, matching and T/F. The test will immediately give you a grade upon completion. The test will be available to take until 9/30.


It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to see you at more events and / or trainings in the future.


All My Love,




1. Welcome Webinar

2. Intro to Energetic Anatomy

3. Manual + Alignment Review

4. Intro to A+P

Intro to Fascia

6. Exploring Fascia 


7. Introduction to Chakra Diagnostics ** remember this is part of a lecture series from last semester's BREAK session. The homework does not apply to you or the dates discussed at the end of the lecture.

 8. Movement A&P II

9. Movement A+P: Joints, Anchoring Points + Alignment Principles

 10. Program Review + Final Exam Prep >> click to REGISTER ** Time UPDATED to 9/6 4:30-5:30 PM

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