The 30 Day Challenge // 2020

Throughout the 30 days, we will be following the 30 Day Slimdown Meal Plan [USE CODE: BUTI2020 for your discount off the plan or bundles, posting our #sweatcheckins and weekly prompts to hold each other accountable and having special guest FB Live sessions on the Buti Forum.

This challenge ISN'T about losing weight - it's about embodying the FEEL. THINK. LOOK. Philosophy. Transformation happens when we LOVE ourselves RIGHT NOW. Yes - exactly the way we are. We need to love ourselves enough to prioritize self-care, nutritional swaps and healthy daily habits.

 The 30 Day Slimdown includes grocery shopping lists, a day by deal meal plan including recipes and a very important elimination & swap list. It also includes a symptom tracker to help you shift the way you think about weight loss - FOREVER. No longer will you be thinking about the number on a scale [in fact one of our days we will be having a scale break-up challenge]. We will be tracking feelings, emotions and physiological symptoms that will change at warp speed. 

If you haven't read, There's No Magic Pill, It's a MAGIC Shake, give it a read. I break down all the reasons Golden Ratio is a massive game changer when it comes to optimizing your results with Buti workouts. We've created bundles that include 30 Day Slimdown with Protein + Pre-Workout if you're wanting to stock up before the challenge gets underway. 

I can't wait to join you in this challenge for the next 30 days. I need it too!
Love, Mama B 



  1. The 30 Day Plan Paleo or Vegan use CODE: BUTI2020 for discount , or use your existing 30 DSD or follow your own grain-free / dairy-free plan

  2. Subscribe to Buti Online Workoutsor follow along at-home with our DVD workouts or your favorite in-person instructor [try to stick to 3 days on 1 day full rest ]

  3. Golden Ratio Protein or a similar protein that is grain and dairy-free - included in select 30 DSD bundles or on

  4. Access to Buti Forum or to follow along with us by tagging @Butiyoga on IG


Our check-in days this week will be 1/26, 1/28 and 1/31 [ these can be posted for accountability either on Buti Forum, Instagram or both]:

1/26: #sweatcheckin - How was your experience with Tone 292 with Acosia Red Elk? Give us your feedback <3 

1/28: On today's rest day, we reflect on our Buti Yoga Core Values.  Which core value resonates with you the most and what do you do on a daily basis to exemplify this core value?

1/31: Show us a pic of your favorite recipe from the 30-Day Slimdown Meal Plan!

Week 3 Check-Ins will post on 1/30

Week 1 Workout Schedule

1/17: Live 52 with Bizzie Goldor Tone 310 Emily Bowers

1/18: Tone 301 with Britt Hodgen

1/19: Deep 17 with Bizzie Gold

1/20: REST DAY

1/21: Tone 298 with Bizzie Gold

1/22: Tone 296 with Dannica Lowery

1/23: Fire Series Workout 1 with Bizzie Gold

1/24: REST DAY


Week 2 Workout Schedule

1/25: Bands 9 with Ceara Caisido

1/26: Tone 292 with Acosia Red Elk

1/27: Tone 291 with Ceara Caisido

1/28: REST DAY

1/29: Live 46 with Bizzie Gold or Tone 290 with Donna Matthews

1/30: Evolve Workout 1 with Ben White

1/31: Sculpt 15 with Acosia Red Elk


Week 3 Workout Schedule


2/2: Live 50 with Bizzie Goldor Deep 16 with Emily Bowers

2/3: Tone 285 with Bizzie Gold

2/4: Tone 264 with Ben White


2/6: Tone 240 with Che Natina

2/7: Tone 225 with Bizzie Gold

2/8: Tone 216 with Becky Kain


Week 4 Workout Schedule

 2/9: REST DAY

2/10: Tone 244 with Bizzie Gold

2/11: Tone 267 with Donna Matthews

2/12: Tone 275 with Acosia Red Elk

2/13: REST DAY

2/14: Tone 289 with Ben White

2/15: Tone 288 with Ceara Caisido

2/16: Tone 286 with Dannica Lowery