The 30 Day Challenge // 2020

Throughout the 30 days, we will be following the 30 Day Slimdown Meal Plan [USE CODE: BUTI2020 for your discount off the plan or bundles, posting our #sweatcheckins and weekly prompts to hold each other accountable and having special guest FB Live sessions on the Buti Forum.

This challenge ISN'T about losing weight - it's about embodying the FEEL. THINK. LOOK. Philosophy. Transformation happens when we LOVE ourselves RIGHT NOW. Yes - exactly the way we are. We need to love ourselves enough to prioritize self-care, nutritional swaps and healthy daily habits.

 The 30 Day Slimdown includes grocery shopping lists, a day by deal meal plan including recipes and a very important elimination & swap list. It also includes a symptom tracker to help you shift the way you think about weight loss - FOREVER. No longer will you be thinking about the number on a scale [in fact one of our days we will be having a scale break-up challenge]. We will be tracking feelings, emotions and physiological symptoms that will change at warp speed. 

If you haven't read, There's No Magic Pill, It's a MAGIC Shake, give it a read. I break down all the reasons Golden Ratio is a massive game changer when it comes to optimizing your results with Buti workouts. We've created bundles that include 30 Day Slimdown with Protein + Pre-Workout if you're wanting to stock up before the challenge gets underway. 

I can't wait to join you in this challenge for the next 30 days. I need it too!
Love, Mama B 



  1. The 30 Day Plan Paleo or Vegan use CODE: BUTI2020 for discount , or use your existing 30 DSD or follow your own grain-free / dairy-free plan

  2. Subscribe to Buti Online Workouts or follow along at-home with our DVD workouts or your favorite in-person instructor [try to stick to 3 days on 1 day full rest ]

  3. Golden Ratio Protein or a similar protein that is grain and dairy-free - included in select 30 DSD bundles or on

  4. Access to Buti Forum or to follow along with us by tagging @Butiyoga on IG


Our check-in days this week will be 2/3, 2/5 and 2/7 [ these can be posted for accountability either on Buti Forum, Instagram or both]:

 2/3:  #sweatcheckin – Tell us your favorite part about Tone 285 with Bizzie Gold!  <3

2/5:  On today's rest day, we reflect back on the last 19 days of this challenge.  Tell us one positive change you have noticed in your overall health, energy level, or life in general by participating in this challenge.

2/7:  Post a pic of your favorite gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free dessert!

Week 4 Check-Ins will post on 2/8


Week 1 Workout Schedule

1/17: Live 52 with Bizzie Gold or Tone 310 Emily Bowers

1/18: Tone 301 with Britt Hodgen

1/19: Deep 17 with Bizzie Gold

1/20: REST DAY

1/21: Tone 298 with Bizzie Gold

1/22: Tone 296 with Dannica Lowery

1/23: Fire Series Workout 1 with Bizzie Gold

1/24: REST DAY


Week 2 Workout Schedule

1/25: Bands 9 with Ceara Caisido

1/26: Tone 292 with Acosia Red Elk

1/27: Tone 291 with Ceara Caisido

1/28: REST DAY

1/29: Live 46 with Bizzie Gold or Tone 290 with Donna Matthews

1/30: Evolve Workout 1 with Ben White

1/31: Sculpt 15 with Acosia Red Elk


Week 3 Workout Schedule


2/2: Live 50 with Bizzie Gold or Deep 16 with Emily Bowers

2/3: Tone 285 with Bizzie Gold

2/4: Tone 264 with Ben White


2/6: Tone 240 with Che Natina

2/7: Tone 225 with Bizzie Gold

2/8: Tone 216 with Becky Kain


Week 4 Workout Schedule

 2/9: REST DAY

2/10: Tone 244 with Bizzie Gold

2/11: Tone 267 with Donna Matthews

2/12: Tone 275 with Acosia Red Elk

2/13: REST DAY

2/14: Tone 289 with Ben White

2/15: Tone 288 with Ceara Caisido

2/16: Tone 286 with Dannica Lowery



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