Welcome to Buti MVMNT Medicine Challenge

When life feels stagnant - keep it moving. 
Welcome to the Buti MVMNT Medicine Challenge. 



Be sure to follow the steps below so you are eligible for prizes each Friday of the challenge!

  • Follow @butiyoga, @movenkd and @goldenrationutrition Instagram
  • Post the Instagram Announcement [use the image below these bullets]
  • Check @butiyoga April 15 and follow your challenge hosts
  • Visit @butiyoga April 15-30th for daily movement+all day takeovers with guest trainers from around the world
  • Visit @butiyoga OR this page April 15-30th for daily prompts
  • Daily, share a post + answer the daily prompt. Don't forget to tag your sponsors + hosts and use #ButiatHome



Each day, check-in to @butiyoga IG to follow the guest trainer takeover for the day. Join them for10 minutes of MVMNT Medicine [available for 24 hours] on IG Live. Then, share yours.

1—Prove your Practice - Share an image or video post from your daily movement practice (or choose content based on the daily prompt). 

2—Answer the Prompt - Tell us how you're using movement to navigate the weird times with the daily prompts below. 

Don't forget  to tag @butiyoga, tag the hosts and use #ButiAtHome


April 17th, April 24th and May 1st we are doing 3 massive prize giveaways!

Each Friday, you have a chance to win a Certification, Annual Buti TV Subscription or Buti Care Package if you participate daily! 

Don't forget #butiathome and to tag hosts + sponsors] to be eligible for prizes!


DAY 1 - APRIL 15th - HOSTED BY: Britt @britthodgen

What does Movement Medicine mean to you? 

DAY 2 - APRIL 16th - HOSTED BY: Acosia @acosia_

What does movement do for you when you’re feeling stressed?

DAY 3- APRIL 17th - HOSTED BY: Ceara @thephatcellist

Buti Core Value: You can only LEAD others as far as you’ve led yourself. How are you focusing on growth right now?

DAY 4- APRIL 18th - HOSTED BY: Liv @moodymcliv

How do you take care of yourself on your REST days?

DAY 5- APRIL 19th - HOSTED BY: Sinalei @sinaleiii

What pose or sequence can always make you feel better?

DAY 6- APRIL 20th - HOSTED BY: Robin @mercymusicians 

PROMPT: Buti Core Value: The greatest gift you can give, is the gift of unwavering FRIENDSHIP. How are connecting+thriving with community in this time apart?

DAY 7- APRIL 21st - HOSTED BY: Kristina @dr.krustina.b

PROMPT: What’s the best part of practicing at home? What are the challenges?

DAY 8- APRIL 22nd - HOSTED BY: Sherilynne @s.fieldsforever

PROMPT: When do you absolutely know you need to hit the mat?

DAY 9- APRIL 23rd - HOSTED BY: Matteo @matteo.cruciani1

PROMPT: Buti Core Value: One can only be as spiritual as they are GROUNDED. What routines or structures are keeping you grounded right now?

DAY 10- APRIL 24th - HOSTED BY: Natasha @freshcoastbuti

PROMPT: Share your go-to grain-free/dairy free meal or a wellness ritual from your quarantine.

DAY 11- APRIL 25th - HOSTED BY: Nani @nanimoves

PROMPT: Buti Core Value: BUILD the world you want to live in. How can you do that right now?

DAY 12- APRIL 26th- HOSTED BY: Inga @yogagoddess.420

PROMPT: What song is stuck on your movement playlist right now?

DAY 13- APRIL 27th - HOSTED BY: Robin @msnewbuti

PROMPT: Buti Core Value: True leaders don’t create followers - they CREATE more leaders. Tag someone who inspires you as a leader and tell us why they do. 

DAY 14- APRIL 28th- HOSTED BY: Sara @sara_fakih

PROMPT: When restrictions lift, I can’t wait to…

DAY 15- APRIL 29th -APRIL 30TH -HOSTED BY:  Becky @butibutibecky

PROMPT: Share a short MVMNT Medicine flow of your own 

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