Master your technique + unleash your magic with Nani Berger.

Master your technique + unleash your magic with Nani Berger.

Dive deeper into the Buti Yoga practice, gain an understanding of what the movements are about, the purpose of these movements and perfect these foundations in your body.

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About the workshop

Buti Yoga is more than just a physical practice. Dive in deep to learn the purpose behind the foundational class elements, master your shake and gain an understanding of powerful movement with intention. Bring awareness to your personal practice and expand your teaching skills to create a magical experience.

After unleashing your magic, there will be a Master Class.

What you will learn:

Secrets to the shake, spirals

drumming Building a musical vibe

Intelligent and intuitive sequencing

The art of cueing

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12:00 pm




Cincinnati (OH)


Meet Nani Berger

Nani Kays Berger is an accountant + economist turned fitness instructor living in Portland, Oregon but grew up in Hawaii. She found her passion for teaching yoga + fitness classes and believes every body can exercise and find the love of movement.

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