Advanced Buti® Certification

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Whether becoming a Master Trainer has been on your vision board for a year or you're looking to refine your Buti® skills + business savvy – this cert is for you. At the end of each program, we hold auditions for our newest generation of Master Trainees.  Master Trainees will be welcomed into our Master Trainer program based on overall attitude and performance throughout the weekend in addition to their demo audition. You must be a certified Buti Yoga Instructor to attend. This program is REQUIRED to become a Master Trainer.

ADVANCED TRAINING INCLUDESa series of dance technique workshops meant to push each student out of their comfort zone to enhance creativity, muscular engagement, sequencing and pair each with grace and fluidity. Workshops may include: West African Dance (with Shari), Native Dance (with Acosia), Creative Muscle Burnout (with Britt ), Afro-Carribbean / Dancehall (with Shari), & Musicality (with Britt).




4/4-5 @ B MVMNT, Scottsdale, AZ (SOLD OUT)

10/3-4 @ Agni Miami, Miami, FL (SOLD OUT)




Payment will be collected 3 Business Days prior to the Training Date.

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