Align & Thrive with Inga Seals

Align and Thrive: The Layers of Buti

With Buti Master Trainee Inga Seals
Sunday, October 4th
10am to 1pm PT ONLINE


Layer by Layer:

Join Advanced Buti Yoga Instructor and Master Trainee Inga Seals for a deeper look into your Buti Yoga practice. Whether you are a practitioner, beginner, or an Instructor - there is a new evolution waiting for you here!

In Buti Yoga, we seek to create a space of connection through movement, breath & transformation, this practice was created to align the chakras (energy points in the body along the spine) and help you to release energy blockage within the body and mind

Align & Thrive Benefits You as A Student ​and ​a Teacher

We will spend 75 minutes peeling back the layers of the practice, followed by 30 minutes forQ&A. Then, we will enter a 75 minute practice to put everything we learned into action.

As a Student You Will:
  • Learn proper modifications for your body
  • Explore the foundations of yoga with Dynamic movement
  • Discuss the connection and unity aspects of the practice
  • Go over proper form for main poses in the practice
As a Teacher You Will:

  • Explore how to share your knowledge with your community
  • Learn new movements to level up your classes
  • Structure your workshops to serve all practitioners

Meet Inga Seals:

Inga Seals is a 200HR RYT Yoga/Meditation Instructor, a Master Reiki Healer & Intuitive Intuition Guide in Houston TX.

She received her first Buti Yoga certification in 2017, followed by Deep &Advanced Buti (2019) & 200HR RYT with Buti Yoga (2020). Inga began her yoga journey in 2007 to help with weight loss and to improve her health.

At age 26 she suffered a heart attack and embraced yoga as a way to cope through depression and anxiety... GET TO KNOW INGA

“Her energy, warmth & guidance speaks to me on a very deep level”

"Inga is the teacher I've been waiting for; her energy, warmth and guidance speaks to me on a very deep level. Whether it's helping to shake stuff out during Buti or nurturing the deep parts of your heart in Hot Vibes her authenticity and beauty shine through as a gift for all of us."

"Inga's Buti Yoga class is very fun and energetic. Inga is very knowledgeable about yoga poses and modifications to ensure a safe practice. Her classes make you feel comfortable and keep you motivated throughout the full workout! She creates a great digital learning space for Buti Yoga, you don't even feel like you are at home"