Ascend + Align 2022 Workshop

Sunday, December 12th
12 pm to 3:30 pm CST



Summary of the Workshop:

The last two years have brought so many moments of discovery; we have been given an opportunity to honor ourselves in a new way. This workshop is to help you step into your true self in this human experience. The threefold journey can be the beginning of your journey to a new life, the reminder of how far you have come + the re-igniting of your evolution.

You can expect an experience curated to support your journey into 2022. Those who show up will walk away grounded in their ability to hold themselves (and each other) accountable in life's everyday challenges. The need for validation and social interaction has taken a swift turn, and the way to shift the energy into a new direction is to ascend and align within the self. You can start from anywhere.


What You Will Learn:

The ascend + align journey is a threefold exploration: We begin with the physical with a Buti, Deep + Yin 90 minute movement practice. 

We then guide ourselves into the mental as we will take the sensations felt and move into an Energetic Cleanse Meditation. This includes pranayama, visualization and release of thoughts. 

Finally, we connect with the emotional. Coming out of this journey, we will reflect on what came up for us through journaling, discussion and creating a digital vision board. For the vision board, you will create with any photo app (canva, picsart, etc).

In our closing circle, you will write your intention statement for 2022.


Meet Your Host: 

Inga Seals is: Mother, Mentor, Teacher, Devoted friend, Energy Worker, Reiki Teacher, Yoga Guide, Sound Healer, Meditator, Butisattva, Community Leader …..and not defined by any of the labels. 

In her early twenties, Inga was 270 lbs. and looking for a way to improve her health. After surviving a heart attack at age 26, Inga was told to consider yoga to cope with her debilitating depression and anxiety. Her weight was causing health issues, but suicidal thoughts weighed down her spirit. She began practicing yoga that year and continue to do so consistently. Inga eventually lost 100 lbs. in one year by combining multiple movement modalities and health changes. This made her want to help other people see themselves in a better light.

In 2015, Inga received her first 200 hr yoga certification with Lex Gillan in Houston, TX. Inga says, "Teaching yoga is beyond rewarding, which sparked my journey into Reiki and Sound healing in 2016. I became a Master Reiki Healer and Sound Healing Facilitator in 2018 offering private and small group classes to teach others how to heal themselves.”

Shortly after finding Reiki, she began to practice Buti Yoga (yoga, plyometrics, cardio dance fusion). After a year of personal practice, Inga received my Buti Yoga certification (2017), followed by Deep,  Advanced Buti (2018) + 200HR RYT with Buti Yoga (2020).  In 2019, she was invited in the Master Training program, learning to help others become instructors.

In her words: ”Buti Yoga changed the way I looked at myself and the world. I discovered that I was capable of all things through this practice. This is how I help to heal myself – through movement, awareness, and release. Buti is magic.”

Inga continues to expand her knowledge through teaching (over 2000+ Hours), leading trainings, mentoring and learning from all moments in life. As her desire for knowledge continues to grow through interactions with the world, she keeps herself grounded by caring for her daughters and learning from them too.