Belly Dance (and BUTI!) Breakdown

Belly Dance (and BUTI!) Breakdown
A Master Trainer Workshop with Andi Carroll & Lorelei Miner
In the Buti Online Studio

Here’s What You’ll Cover:

Intro to Middle-Eastern Dance & Appropriation
Shared movement and music experiences; what's appropriate?  What is appropriation?  Where is the line?  Is belly dance different from other forms of dance on this point?

Belly Dance Fundamentals & Muscle Mechanics

Askills and drills breakdown hitting all major muscle groups and foundational belly dance movements. Plus a detailed review of body mechanics and the dance.

History of Belly Dance
Origins, meaning, spread, varying styles, costumes, props and their meaning 

Firing Up Buti With Belly Dance

Enhance your teachingteaching by integrating belly dance principles and movement into your classes

Led by: 
Andi Carroll & Lorelei Miner

Andi Carroll

Andi is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and certified STOTT Pilates instructor.  She has taught fitness and dance for more than two decades and found renewed passion as a Master Trainer for BUTI Yoga, where she works to lead others to get out of their heads and into their bodies, to love themselves now, and to find release and connection with others through movement.  She has studied both Egyptian and American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance with the Phoenix Rouge dance school, is a member of the Pandorium Dance Troupe in Louisiana, and is delighted to share the lessons and freedom that belly dancing brings with both the yoga and fitness communities.  When she's not burning up the dance floor, you can find Andi teaching at the LSU Law school, where she has taught family law and marital property for the last 15 years.  She believes in the power of sharing and growing together through learning. 

Lorelei Miner

Lorelei is a Buti Yoga Master Trainer, 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher and in the process of completing final requirements for her 300HR training.  Nearly 15 years ago she fell in love with belly dance and that reignited her passion for movement.  Lorelei was involved in a belly dance troupe that performed at local festivals and events, even performing on stage at the Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive in 2015.  As a solo artist, Lorelei performed regularly at the local Greek restaurant and participated in the first So You Think You Can Belly Dance competition in Las Vegas in 2010.  Pursuing a deeper understanding of the movement practice, Lorelei studied with the Salimpour School of Dance, completing Level 1 in Suhaila Salimpour format and Jamila Salimpour format.  In addition, Lorelei completed Rachel Brice's 8 Elements™ Phase 1: Initiation with Recognition in 2016.  Dance sparked her passion for teaching and she began teaching belly dance in 2014.  In addition to dance, Lorelei began a personal fitness journey which led to completing POUND® Pro training at the end of 2014 and CanFitPro Fitness Instructor Specialist. Buti® Yoga came into her life in 2016 and it blended her love of yoga, fitness and dance all together. She is certified and teaching all Buti® Yoga formats.