Buti® FIRE Program

The FIRE series by Buti® builds the deep core strength + mobility required to advance your practice to access arm balances and inversions. Stacked with cardio sprints, primal movement challenges + dynamic yoga asana, the FIRE Series will ignite your metabolism, feed your creative spirit + challenge you to expand the expression of your yoga practice. Let go of your desire for perfection + focus on being present in your mind + body during these 5 full-length practices.

The Fire Series is intended for intermediate to advanced students looking to expand their practice to include arm balancing, inversion + creative expression.

The Buti FIRE Series Includes:

  • Unlimited Streaming Access 
  • 5 Full-Length Workouts
  • Advanced Primal Movement + Cardio Sprints
  • Progressions to Arm Balances + Inversions
  • Dynamic Yoga Sequencing

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