Buti HotCore® DVD

Buti HotCore® DVD

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Created by Celebrity Trainer Bizzie Gold, HotCore uses Spiral Structure Technique® movements to TRANSFORM the LOOK, TONE + FUNCTION of the DEEP CORE. HotCore classes are 30 minute classes broken into high-intensity work intervals and low-intensity static yoga intervals to maximize muscle toning, look and functionality, Hotcore® is an ideal add-on workout for those looking to enhance core strength or push the limits of their yoga or fitness practice.

Students practice in socks to facilitate fluid “drag” or friction creating resistance. The majority of movements in Hotcore® build deep core strength best a ccessed through an exaggerated tucking of the pelvis and intentional rounding of the spine. In between sets, students move to restorative yoga asanas to stretch and lengthen.

The HotCore DVD features:

  • 10 HotCore Workouts
  • 1 Wrist Mobility Warm-Up
  • Amazing Soundtrack by world renowned producer Nightbreed



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