Buti® Rise Program

Join Celebrity Trainer Bizzie Gold for the RISE beginner series by Buti®.

This 3-disc set helps students progress from yoga beginner to empowered Butisattva in 60 days. Throughout this series, students learn yoga pose alignment, strength and conditioning modifications in addition to deep-core engagement techniques. Halfway through the series, we introduce primal movement activation and cardio-progression to help you ignite your calorie burn while maintaining form integrity. GROUNDis our foundational workout set with all modified yoga poses and strength-building sequences. ALCHEMIZEbuilds strength for balance poses, deep stabilizing primal movement and dynamic yoga sequencing . We complete the workout series with RISE- focused on the cardio-progression and skill-specific modifications to help you advance you practice.

RISE is a beginner-specific series. Whether you are brand new to yoga or fitness or you’re an advanced Buti® student looking to refine your skill building blocks - this series will help you integrate proper alignment and body awareness to take your practice to the next level.  


The Buti RISE Program Includes:

  • Unlimited Streaming of the Entire Program
  • Introductions + 23 yoga pose breakdowns
  • 2 Ground Workouts
  • 2 Alchemize Workouts
  • 2 Rise Workouts