Connecting With Your Inner Rhythm Workshop

Sunday, June 19th, 2022
10am to 1pm MST



Summary of the Workshop:

Tap into and connect deeply with yourself during this workshop. There are many different rhythms of the body: the breath, the heartbeat, digestion, to name a few. These rhythms impact how we move in life, our emotions + our health. By tapping into and connecting with the rhythms within, we can attune better to our needs and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Connecting to our inner rhythms can further us in our own yoga practice and in how we lead our yoga classes.

In this workshop, we will connect with the many different rhythms of the body and learn to use these rhythms to create and guide us through a movement practice and connect more deeply with the self. We will learn different pranayama techniques that support the connection of the mind, body and soul, and use these breathing techniques to create creative sequencing. The workshop will conclude with a meditation that guides you deeply into yourself and your power.

What you will learn:

Finding and connecting with our inner rhythm through breath, heartbeat + movement

Learn about the importance of an internal rhythm and how it impacts all facets of our lives

Learn to notice the breath, find your own rhythm of breath and learn how your breath pattern changes with different activities

Learn how to move with the rhythm of your own breath through a yoga practice

Finding and feeling the heartbeat and moving with the heartbeat

Feeling the beat of the music and allowing the beat of the music to guide intuitive movement and creative yoga sequencing

Meet Your Host:


Rachel has had a passion for movement and healing her whole life. She grew up dancing and competing in track and field. At 18, Rachel had a couple of failed knee surgeries that ended her dance and track career but opened the door to yoga. Through yoga, Rachel came back home to herself and started on the path of healing her body, mind and spirit. Since her first yoga class, Rachel has gone on to attend many trainings and attain a Masters in Counselling Psychology and Art Therapy. Buti found Rachel in 2014, and her life has never been the same. Rachel loves the community and family that Buti has provided her and loves to connect with other Butisattvas through community classes, trainings and workshops. Rachel is excited about empowering people to play an active role in their lives, embrace their bodies and live authentically. 

Rachel is a 500-hour YACEP, 200-hour E-RYT and Buti Master Trainer certified in Buti, DEEP, Bands, Sculpt and HotCore. She is also certified in trauma-informed yoga psychology, a Merge level II practitioner and certified in Yoga Nidra and Individual Yoga Nidra.