Collective Meditation: Natasha Rusilko

JANUARY 16, 2021

 Donate + Meditate + Win

1 Participant Will Win a $50 Gift Card to the Brand Of Their Choice!

Join our next Donation-Based Collective Meditation, online this January 16, 2021 at 10am PT led by Natasha Rusilko (@nourishedbynatasha) and benefitting the Tiny Tornado Food Truck, run by Butisattva Beck Harmon.

About the Meditation:

Buti Core Value: One can only be as spiritual as they are grounded

In order to make space for the new year and new energy of 2021, we must first
release all of the things we are holding on to that do not serve us from 2020 and
beyond. Once we can do that, we can replace those things with all of the new,
incredible things that we are open to receive in 2021. Release. Replace. Receive.


The Tiny Tornado Food Truck, run by Butisattva Beck Harmon

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