Elevate Workshop

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With Buti Master Trainer, Ceara Caisido

Sunday, September 26, 2021
10am to 1pm PST



Movement + Mindset - go beyond just the physical & learn how to exercise the muscle of the mind. Learn how to activate & sustain mental discipline to break through perceived limits & to continually LEVEL UP.

Build intentional HIIT sequencing from the ground up- hit a peak movement pattern in each round of your HIIT classes that makes anatomical sense.

Continue to push yourself as a student + also as an instructor- gain the knowledge to break down the progressions of these movements to your students. Show your students that the best instructors are perpetual students themselves- if your classes have stagnated, apply this knowledge & you will circulate all kinds of fresh ideas + movement patterns that will reinvigorate your classes + your creativity.

Learn a fun, challenging, next-level plyo-based 45-60 second choreographed HIIT sequence. 

Meet Your Host:

Ceara Caisido is a Buti Yoga Master Trainer and holds all certifications through Buti Yoga as well as her 200 HR RYT. She has been in the Health & Wellness Industry since the age of 16, where her first personal trainer was her father, a retired US Army Veteran who served for 32 years. She also holds both of her Degrees (Bachelors and Masters) in Music Performance, which is showcased in her workouts and choreography as it is heavily dependent upon musicality. She is working towards becoming a CPT and opening up her own studio space one day in order to continue creating more yoga teachers and encouraging the people around her to push themselves out of their comfort zones and limitations. 

As a Master Trainer for Buti, Ceara leads trainings, retreats, workshops, and conventions/conferences nationwide. She’s passionate about giving back to her communities by leading charity events as well as combining her love of music into sound meditations for her classes.