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Energetic Cleansing

Energetic Cleansing

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October 21, 2023
6 - 8am PT / 9am - 11am ET
Summary of the Workshop:

Join Buti Yoga Master Trainer Rachel Cadrin for a beautiful morning of clearing, cleansing, and moving energy in the body.
In this 2 hour workshop we will learn about the breath, how the breath moves energy in the body, cleansing techniques, the art of Nauli, and a variety of pranayama practices. Your breath is your prana, your life force and this life force moves through the body or it can get stuck and stagnant. Ancient yogis used pranayama to move energy in the body as well as cleansing techniques to support their overall health. Nauli is a deep abdominal cleansing practice that stimulates digestion and elimination. This practice strengthens the abdominal muscles and regulates blood pressure. Stagnant energy leads to poor health, it is a yogic belief that one must move their energy and their body to remain in good health.
In this workshop we will learn about the power of the breath and how it works with various systems in the body. We will learn pranayama techniques that will aid and support in learning how to preform Nauli and we will conclude the workshop by learning how to practice Nauli.
Please note – if you have a hernia, are pregnant, high blood have gallstones, or have had abdominal surgery recently, MUST BE PRACTICED ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.

What you will learn:

- What Nauli is and it's importance to your overall health.
- Learn step by step the ancient cleansing technique Nauli.
- Learn how Nauli can support your yoga practice through strengthening and connecting with the core.
- How the breath works with and supports different systems of the body.
- Learn in depth specific pranayama to aid in the practice of Nauli.
- Practice moving energy in the body through pranayama.

Additional Takeaways:
    - Learn the ancient cleansing technique Nauli.

    - Receive a detailed slideshow outlining all the teachings of this workshop.

    - Receive a recording of the full workshop.

    - Gain CE's with yoga Alliance.

  • CEU’s available with Yoga Alliance through Rachel Cadrin, YAECP
Meet Your Host:

Rachel has had a passion for movement and healing her whole life. She grew up dancing and competing in track and field. At 18, Rachel had a couple of failed knee surgeries that ended her dance and track career but opened the door to yoga. Through yoga, Rachel came back home to herself and started on the path of healing her body, mind and spirit. Since her first yoga class, Rachel has gone on to attend many trainings and attain a Masters in Counselling Psychology and Art Therapy. Buti found Rachel in 2014, and her life has never been the same. Rachel loves the community and family that Buti has provided her and loves to connect with other butisattvas through community classes, trainings and workshops. Rachel is excited about empowering people to play an active role in their lives, embrace their bodies and live authentically.

Rachel is a 500 hour E-RYT, 200 hour YACEP and Buti Master Trainer certified in Buti, Deep, Bands, Sculpt and Hot core. She is certified in trauma-informed yoga psychology, and Advanced Yoga Nidra. Rachel is a Merge level II practitioner which is a training that focuses on using functional movements to re-align the fascia. Rachel is a practicing Counsellor, art therapist, and Ayurvedic coach in Calgary, AB and is certified in DBT, ERP, and works closely with those experiencing ADHD, ASD, FASD, phobias, and anxiety. She has been teaching movement professionally for the last 13 years.


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Energetic Cleansing
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