Fascia: The Sensory Organ [Workshop]

Fascia: The Sensory Organ

With Buti Master Trainer Tiffany Baskett
Sunday, May 23rd, 2021
10am to 1pm PT ONLINE


Buti Master Trainer Tiffany Baskett is returning to the Buti Online Studio to host a second workshop all about Fascia, this May 23rd!

In the 3-Hour Workshop You'll Cover:

  • What are sensory organs and fascia?

  • Intro to fascia-centric sequencing

  • Explore the layers composing Fascia

  • Understanding "stuck fascia" and adhesions

  • Unwinding the body's fascia 

  • Integration the subtle body + chakras in fascia work

  • Sequencing for a closed heart

  • Sequencing for tight hips