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Move with the Elements:

8 Week Continuing Education Course

with Bizzie Gold

August-October 2021

Balancing the Elemental Energies in Asana Practice to Prevent Injury, Boost Creativity & Build Intuitive Flows with Proper Anatomical Alignment


This is an 8-week self-paced study course that is open to any student who is Buti or Deep certified as well as any 200 HR or more yoga instructors. This course is eligible for a continue education credit. Students will learn how to prevent injury due to repetitive or imbalanced class sequencing. The elemental energies will be used to categorize movement types, describe actions within the body, and inspire the building of balanced sequences that utilize all planes of motion in anatomically appropriate way. 

Course materials will be available August 1st through October 16th.  You will have 8 weeks to complete the pre-recorded course materials and prepare for the live demonstrations.  

Dates for Live Demos:

Saturday, October 2nd - 8am to 1pm PT
Saturday, October 9th - 12pm to 5pm PT


The student will need:  computer, internet connection, either headphone's with a microphone or access to computers’ input audio, a notebook, pen, space to lay out a yoga mat for form checks and sequencing days 


New Student - $1,199

Returning Student* - $199 

The returning student price is ONLY available to students who have purchased the Move With The Elements course perviously but want access to the course materials to complete their live demo. This price isn't available to Buti instructors who haven't purchased Move With The Elements prior.


Module 1: ORIGIN // Movement Anatomy Review, Common Injury Pathology + How to Get Unstuck In Your Sequencing

This session will review key movement principles, terms and bony structures. We will also gain a foundational understanding of the element types, actions and effects on the body both physical and energetic. The session will close with a basic overview of the importance of balancing elements as described through both the TCM and Ayurvedic lenses. Session will include lecture, visual slides, Q+A and homework will be given at the end of class.

Module 2: FIRE // Nourishing YANG, Building Heat + Consciously Fusing Cardio Bursts 

This module will cover different methodologies to generate heat including pranayama, binds, isometric holds and intentionally placed cardio bursts. We will also explore the element of FIRE and what can happen pathologically when your practice or sequencing has an excess of FIRE. Session will include lecture, visual slides, Q+A and homework will be given at the end of class.

Module 3: WATER // Nourishing YIN, Generating Grace + Fluidity + Preventing Repetitive Use Injury

This module will cover different methodologies to nourish yin, restore body fluids and support soft tissue structures. We will explore the water element as it relates to facilitating the balance of YIN within the body. As it relates to class sequencing, students will focus on creating slower paced transitions that elongate muscles and slowly blend into unique isometric holds using both diagonal alignment and intentional hand placement to stabilize the muscle. Pranayama and meditation techniques will also be addressed during this portion. Session will include lecture, visual slides, Q+A and homework will be given at the end of class.

Module 4: EARTH // Exploring Grounding Practices to Enhance Stability + Awareness of Edges

This session will explore the importance of grounding our practice to find stabilizing edges and maintain balance throughout the body. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the difference between flowing without edges versus flowing with intentional edges, pauses and stability. This concept will expand every instructors way of thinking as it relates to both creating flow sequences as well as physically practicing them. The majority of injury that occurs for instructors is due to this lack of defined edge or stable, intentional transition of bony landmark. Session will include lecture, visual slides, Q+A and homework will be given at the end of class.

Module 5: AIR //Connecting Our Energy Transmitter to the Magical Essence of Buti to Nourish Creativity and Foster Connection Between Students

This module will cover spiritual intelligence and cultivating a divine connection within our practice, both to each other and to our intuition. We will dig into the Chakra system as it relates to the physical, emotional and energetic bodies and explore physical body pathologies tied to chakra imbalance. Students will explore existential questions about their own experience o connection to the unknown magical essence that drives our practice. We will close off this session with this session with pranayama and best practices to weave these practices into sequencing to support the body systems and balance the Chakra system. Session will include lecture, visual slides, Q+A and homework will be given at the end of class.

Module 6: AETHER // Synthesis, Balance + Mastery of Elemental Movement

This session is where it all ties together. Aether, the quintessence, the life force that links each of the elements into a seamless, united system. In this segment, we explore how each segment of knowledge links together to create the beating heart of a Buti-based practice. Student demonstrations will also take place during this segment which will run approximately 5 hours. Session will include lecture, visual slides, Q+A and student demonstrations. 


***All payments are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the course you've registered for, you can apply your payment to any future training, workshop, or event.

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