Online 300 HR YTT with Jennilee Toner


Take Your Students Deeper.

  • 300 Hrs,Fully Online
  • 9 Weekends, Sep-Dec 2020
  • Pre-req: Any 200 HR Program
  • By Unit Available for Yoga Alliance Cont. Ed


Badass yogi & anatomy expert Jennilee Toner joined the Buti Yoga Teacher Team in 2018. The author of The Perfect Chaturanga, Jennilee is a foremost expert in anatomy and body mechanics. This training draws on her 24 years as a student & teacher of yoga.

Buti Core Value: You can only lead others as far as you’ve lead yourself. 

This fully online 300 HR Yoga Teacher Training with Jennilee is for graduates of any 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training who are hungry to fuel their passion, widen their expertise & deepen the impact of their teaching experience.

You’re Leading Powerful Classes, Now Guide Transformational Workshops. 

Expand your toolbelt & experiential understanding of anatomy, yogic history, movement & energetic theory. Plus, gain exposure to adjacent fields of practicum, including Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Cross-Discipline Continued Ed

Gain the skills to teach great workshops, and show up a more holistic and integrated teacher with cross-exposure across disciplines. You’ll dive deep in entire weekends dedicated to yin & fascia study, plus explore kundalini, tantra & chakra theory.

**PRE-REQUISITE: Graduate of ANY 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training**

 9 Comprehensive Units//Online


    Online [7am-7pm PT] each day of training

    Unit 1 - September 11-13th
    Unit 2 -September 25-27th
    Unit 3 - October 9-11th
    Unit 4 - October 23-25th
    Unit 5 -November 6-8th
    Unit 6 - November 20-22nd
    Unit 7 - November 28-29th
    Unit 8 - December 11-13th
    Unit 9 - December 18-20th

    Safe Yoga Rocks!

    A note from Jennilee -Since 2010 I have been on a mission to share my anatomical knowledge in order to prevent yoga injuries. Writing The Perfect Chaturanga and traveling for a year on an international book tour was such a passion project. I love spreading the message SAFE YOGA ROCKS!"


    Weekend One- September 11-13th

    • Refine & Advance Your Teaching Skills 

    Book: The Perfect Chaturanga by Jennilee Toner
    Book: Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens

    Weekend Two - September 25-27th

    • Anatomy of Breathing & Pranayama Techniques
    • Intro to Systems of the Body

    Book: Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Yogi Hari

    Weekend ThreeOctober 9-11th

    • Anatomy & Injury Prevention

    Book: The Perfect Chaturanga by Jennilee Toner

    Weekend Four - October 23-25th

    • History & Philosophy of Pre-Classical, Classical and Post-Classical Yoga:
    • Deep Dive into Bhagavad Gita

    Book: Bhagavad Gita (any commentary)

    Weekend Five - November 6-8th

    • Fascia: The Ultimate Yogic Connective Tissue
    • Systems of the Body Continued

    Book: Anatomy Trains by Tom Meyers

    Weekend Six - November 20-22nd

    • History, Philosophy and Practice of Meditation: Deep Dive into the Yoga Sutras

    Book: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (any commentary)

    Weekend Seven - November 28-29th

    • Chakra Theory: Tantra, Kundalini and Nada Yogas

    Book: A Yogis Guide to Chakra Meditation by Paul Grilley
    Book: Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche

    Weekend Eight - December 11-13th

    • Intro to Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Book: Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda by Bridgette Shea

    Weekend Nine - December 18-20th

    • Karma Yoga: Yoga-in-Action

    Book: How Yoga Works by Michael Geshe


    " I am a student and teacher of yoga and human anatomy. I am the author ofThe Perfect Chaturanga: A Comprehensive Guide to the Human Body Through the Practice of Vinyasa Yoga, I have been practicing hatha and vinyasa yoga since 1996, teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga since 2003, teaching experiential anatomy to yoga teachers-in-training for Frog Lotus Yoga International since 2010, teaching my own Hot Warrior Yoga 200-hour teacher trainings since 2012, teaching online and writing articles for since 2014, teaching my own Inner Sanctum Yoga 300-hour Teacher Trainings since 2016, co-creating sequences and trainings for Equal Yoga in Holland since 2016, and joining the teaching team at Buti Yoga in 2018.

    Now, I am currently in my third semester at Pacific College of Health Sciences NYC for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am loving the deep dive into both subtle and gross anatomy! I am so thrilled to layer all this new learning and deepening insights onto the vast knowledge of yoga history, philosophy and practice I have been accumulating the last 17 years. And I am so excited to share it ALL with YOU!”




    Pay In Full: $3,999

    Payment Plan: $495 Deposit + 8 payments of $495
    Payment plan invoices must be paid 24 hours before the unit begins. 

    Purchase units individually for Yoga Alliance CE credits, $495 per weekend/unit. Email to purchase. Audits may be available for $399 per weekend/unit. 

    **Your purchase is non-refundable, but transferrable. Payment plans are paid per unit and must be paid prior to the the unit start date.